Throw an Apartment Balcony BBQ Bash for Cheap!

Millenial couple chatting on apartment balcony during summer barbecueSummer is in full swing and it’s not complete without a festive BBQ shindig with all your friends! Stumped on how to host one when you rent an apartment? It can be tricky to throw a great barbecue if you don’t have a backyard or full-size grill – tricky, but not impossible. ApartmentSearch has you covered with these tips and tricks for hosting a BBQ bash on a budget, specifically for apartment dwellers without a yard to use!

  1. Invite your friends. The most important aspect of any party is the guest list. Before you send out invitations (or a mass text message), think about how many people can fit comfortably in your apartment (including spillover onto the balcony)! You can save some money by inviting your guests to bring their favorite BBQ food, whether it’s meat, a side dish, or a dessert. When you’re hosting in an apartment it’s courteous to invite your neighbors, or at least give them a heads-up that it may be a bit noisier than usual!
  2. Grab your BBQ culinary essentials. Once you get a headcount and figure out what foods people are bringing, it’s time to purchase the rest of the menu. If you have access to a grill, you can grab all your BBQ favorites: hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs, or anything else your guests may want. If your apartment doesn’t allow grills (or if you simply don’t have one), you can whip up the same things on your stovetop or even bake ribs in the oven. Look for directions or recipes online and don’t let your lack of grill limit you! Grab things like watermelon, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, and lemonade – oh, and don’t forget the condiments!
  3. Party-proof your apartment. Before a bunch of your friends flood your apartment, take some precautions. Make your bedroom off-limits to guests and stash a few things in there before the party starts. Things that are fragile or especially valuable should be put away. You can even make some extra room by temporarily moving unnecessary pieces of furniture like side tables and coffee tables into your bedroom.
  4. Make a great playlist and open your windows. You can’t have a party without music, so put together a playlist for the festivities. If you don’t have speakers to connect to your phone or laptop, ask a friend to bring some. To get the same feeling as an outdoor barbecue, turn off the A/C and open all the windows. Crack the door to the balcony so guests can go in and out with ease!
  5. Decorate your apartment. Turn your apartment into a barbecue bonanza with a few cheap decorations. You can buy red gingham table clothes or even burlap ones at party supply stores, and these will protect your surfaces while making your space look festive. Serve drinks in mason jars for a rustic feel or go with tried and true red plastic cups. Grab some cheap, colorful paper plates, fresh flowers, and anything else to brighten up your apartment. Don’t worry about spending much money on decorations though – your guests will be impressed by the extra touches, but décor won’t make or break your BBQ.
  6. Enjoy your party! Don’t get so caught up in micromanaging the festivities that you’re unable to have a good time with your invitees. Ask friends for help cooking the food (or cook it before your guests arrive and keep it warm in the oven) and set up drink and condiment stations so everyone can help themselves. Your apartment balcony BBQ might not be the most traditional one, but it can still be every bit as fun!

You don’t need a big yard and a full-size grill to host an amazing summer BBQ. All you need are the right people, some great food and music, and a little fresh air! Ready to bid farewell to your old apartment and upgrade to a new apartment with a balcony? Search apartments for rent on the only site that makes sense…!