Celebrate Summer with these 5 Fantastic Apartment Party Ideas

Sure, you could throw a plain old BBQ to get the summer fun started… or you could try one of these creative apartment party ideas and blow your friends away! Make your summer party one to remember, even without a backyard or a big porch.

Make-Your-Own-Pizza Party

Pizza parties are a blast, but it can be difficult to agree on the best pizza topping. Does pineapple make or break the perfect pizza? Are anchovies delicious or disgusting? You can please everyone’s palate at a make-your-own pizza party.

Purchase pre-made pizza dough and divide it up into “personal pan” sizes. Fill a bunch of bowls with toppings: cheese, spinach, mushrooms, onion, tomatoes, pepperoni, anchovies, pineapple, ham, peppers, and so on! You could also save some money by asking guests to bring their favorite toppings, instead. Voila – an easy, make-your-own pizza extravaganza!

Grown-Up Ice Cream Social

Ice cream socials are a childhood classic, but adults love their ice cream just as much. Grab a tub of vanilla ice cream, pick up a smattering of toppings, and invite your friends over for an ice cream social! Make it “adult-friendly” with more sophisticated toppings: toasted walnuts, fresh exotic fruit, granola, cocoa nibs, and warm Nutella… YUM.

If you’re over 21, you can take your ice cream social to the next level with alcoholic ice cream cocktails! Get inspired by these boozy shakes.

Paint Night

Paint parties are all the rage lately. You eat, drink, and leave with a “masterpiece” of sorts! Why not host a summer paint party in the comfort of your own home? Pick from the many painting tutorials on YouTube (Katie Jobling makes great ones!), and then head to a craft store to pick up paint, some cheap canvases, a tarp to cover the floor, and a few brushes. Invite your guests, play the YouTube video on your television, and get painting!

Around-the-World Potluck

Did you know that you can host a dinner party without spending hours cooking? It’s true! Invite your friends to an around-the-world potluck party and ask them to bring their favorite regional dishes. It could be a spicy dish they had in a far-off country, or a comforting casserole that reminds them of home. You’ll wind up with a ton of eclectic dishes, and your guests will have fun sharing stories about their various adventures!

Indoor Luau

A luau is the ultimate summer party. It doesn’t take much to throw a great one! Grab some cheap leis from a party supply store and load up on colorful, flowery, and tropical decorations. The more flamingos and pineapples, the better. Chop up fresh fruit, make a Hawaiian music playlist, and tell your friends to don their best grass skirt and head your way.

You don’t need a ton of outdoor space or a limitless budget to host a wonderful party. With a little creativity, your apartment can be home to this summer’s best festivities! Want more inspiration? Follow ApartmentSearch on Twitter and Facebook for the latest and greatest tips, tricks, and news for renters.