Super Fresh Ideas for Decorating a Small Apartment Bathroom

Every room in your apartment is thoughtfully decorated—except for one. The bathroom! However, you shouldn’t let overcomplicated craft projects and DIY paint jobs keep you from sprucing up your WC. Instead, turn to these easy tips for decorating a small apartment bathroom—including some cheap and simple decor ideas.

Start From the Bottom

Before you start your bathroom decor journey, give yourself a clean slate to begin. Ask yourself, “Is there any use to all the empty shampoo bottles sitting in the shower?” Evaluate whether you really need that old tube of blue mascara, and assess whether your beauty products have expired!

Pro tip: many cosmetics come with a shelf life symbol that indicates how many months they’re good for once opened—it looks like a jar with an unscrewed lid and has a number written on it, which represents the number of months.

Don’t limit this bathroom detox to your makeup bag, though! Clean out your medicine cabinet and drawers, too. Once you begin to empty your cramped space, you will notice how much of it’s taken up by things you don’t need. Too much clutter, too little time? No worries, here’s a 15-minute bathroom cleaning routine to get yours squeaky clean in no time.

Combine Function and Creativity

One of the best ways to make the most out of a cramped space is to be smart about your storage. For example, installing shelves can be an excellent opportunity to get some new storage space, and to show off your personality with some cute decor!

Love a good mirror selfie? You’ll love your mirror even more when it’s beautifully framed rather than just stuck to the wall! Take a page out of CoopCraft’s playbook and give your mirror a facelift using a secondhand frame and some velcro.

Another fresh idea that’s both fashionable and functional is hanging a sink curtain around your wall-mounted sink. The curtain will hide the unsightly plumbing coming out of the wall, and you can sneak a small stool or rolling bin underneath it, creating a concealed storage space for your toiletries. That’s only one of many ways to create extra room in a small apartment bathroom.

Don’t Give Into Painting Pains

Painting a space, no matter how small, can be a big headache. Luckily, there are ways to upgrade your plain walls that don’t require brushes or tarps. For example, check out RoomMates’ unique suggestions for decorating with peel and stick vinyl. A little wallpaper and a bit of creativity can help you do everything from designing a polished bathroom to giving your kitchen tiles serious Amalfi Coast vibes.

Flex that Green Thumb

There’s nothing better than some cute greenery to add pizzazz to your small bathroom! You can head out to your local garden center for some new succulents, bamboo plants, and more apartment-friendly plants! If you don’t want to worry about maintenance, fake plants are a real good option.

Decorating a space is a fun way to let your creativity and personality shine! Now that you know how to renovate your small apartment bathroom without a hammer and nails, there’s nothing in your way.

If you’re renting a space, always make sure to check with your landlord before making more permanent upgrades—it’ll save you some trouble when moving out. And if you need a whole new place to decorate, then check out recently-listed apartments on