Tips for Hosting a Killer Holiday Party in a Small Apartment

Group of costumed friends celebrating Halloween in tiny apartmentPrepare the pumpkins, fire up the cauldron and get your eye of gnoot ready – the spookiest night of the year is coming up fast! All Hallow’s Eve is the perfect excuse for one thing: throwing a scary good shindig at your apartment.

Ahh, but your apartment is too small, you say? You’re worried that hosting a ghastly good time in your one bedroom or even a studio apartment will be too…scary? Think again, you ghoul! Check out these tricks and treats on how to host a (pumpkin) smashing good time in an apartment as small as a witch’s wardrobe.

Work some magic

Your space may be small, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improvise. Got a bookshelf with removable shelves? Take a few out and use them as extra table space for drinks. Got a bathtub or a large kitchen sink? Throw some ice in there and use them as coolers to save room. Even more fun? Create your own coolers with plastic pumpkins (or real ones!) like these by blogger Vicky Barone.

Frighteningly fun feng shui

Furniture doesn’t have to be frightening – move it around to make various rooms work for different things. Got a table in the living room taking up part of the dance floor? Move it the corner and use throw pillows or poufs for extra seating. Have chairs that don’t make sense in the living room? Move them out of the way or into an arrangement that gets people talking.

Dress-up…the apartment, that is…

Don’t feel like you need to buy a giant life-size zombie to scare people when they go into the bathroom. (Although, that would be pretty cool.) Utilize space by making sure you use your walls and ceiling for decorations. Make fun signs, use streamers, or even try making and hanging these awesome spider web balloons. (Google it – they’re cool!) If you’ve got a doorway or entryway, check out these tips on decorating for trick or treaters (ok, or maybe just for your friends who are arriving.) Another easy fix? Colored light bulbs and fun lighting wherever you can plug it in; the spookier, the better.

Have some spirits ready

No, not for haunting, for drinking! A welcome drink is a great way to keep people from immediately congregating in the kitchen. Prepping a punch or simple signature cocktail is an easy way to for people to avoid clustering by a bar. Bottled and canned drinks will also help this situation. Still want more options? Make it BYOB and have a designated area where people can make their own drinks.

Hobgoblin, it’s hot in here!

Be sure to be aware of the temperature of your place. You don’t want people sweating off their skull makeup and becoming human again. If it’s chilly outside, make sure your windows are accessible or that you’re able to circulate the air without it getting too stuffy.

Treats on-the-go

If you’re serving food, make sure it’s easy to eat and requires minimal cooking. After all, no costumed host wants to spend hours over a hot stove the night of their party! Try bowls of chips and veggies with dips, or something quick and easy like these mummy dogs by OurBestBites! Another tip? Spread different snacks throughout the apartment to ensure that people aren’t crowding around one table of food.

Throwing a party in a micro-apartment doesn’t have to be filled with superstition. And the truth is, the demand for micro-apartments is skyrocketing among millennials. Are you in on the trend? Think moving your things from place to place sounds like a hassle? It doesn’t have to be! The next time you’re considering a move, why not try out a furnished studio apartment? With plenty of options to choose from on, you’re able to entertain when you want, stay as long as you’d like, and say R.I.P to the place when you’re ready for your next adventure.