Best Non-Perishable Foods for Apartment Renters

You need cheap apartment snacks to keep you going, but instant ramen is so 2005! Leave the styrofoam cup days behind with these non-perishable snacks and convenient foods that’ll get you through another week of avoiding the grocery store.

Best Non-Perishable Foods for Quick Apartment Meals

When you’re making a grocery list for your apartment essentials, it’s always a good idea to stock up on foods that have long shelf lives (with far-out expiration dates). You never know when you might need a quick, easy meal!

Here are a few canned foods you can quickly microwave or heat up in a saucepan for dinner:

  • Soup or chili. Go for something hearty that includes meat, grains, or beans to keep you full.
  • Canned proteins. Canned chicken or tuna couldn’t be more convenient. Use these items to top a green salad, or mix in mayo to make your own chicken or tuna salad for a sandwich.
  • Vegetables. Green beans, peas, corn—whatever you prefer! Sauteed and raw veggies can be a great side dish, and they’re also handy ingredients for many entrees.
  • Pasta sauce. Cheap. Easy. Versatile. Pair it with your favorite noodles (boxed pasta has a long shelf life, too) and some grated cheese, if you’re feeling fancy.
  • Fruit. Whether you’re a peaches or pears fan, buying fruit in cans (rather than pre-packaged snack cups) can save you a few bucks. Divide canned fruit into your resealable containers and stash them in the fridge for an easy snack or after-dinner treat.When it comes to stocking your college apartment pantry, think beyond the can! Here are a few non-canned, non-perishable food items to make life easier:
  • Grains. Rice, quinoa, lentils, oats—you name it. These items are inexpensive to buy in bulk, and make a filling, delicious meal in no time. Store uncooked grains in airtight containers to keep them fresh for a long time, or purchase pre-cooked, microwaveable rice packets to save yourself even more time and effort.
  • Baking mixes. Okay, okay. We know you probably won’t fire up the oven all that often, but when you’re craving a warm, freshly made goody, you have to be ready! Pre-measured muffin or pancake mixes are a great way to treat yourself, and most of them only require adding milk and baking. You can even find single-serve, microwaveable “mug cake” mixes at most grocery stores. Easy!

Stay Satisfied with Apartment Snacks

For times when you don’t need a full meal, you’ll need plenty of lunchbox-worthy snacks. Thes following pre-packaged goodies and easy-to-prep options can be tossed in your backpack for a post-workout pick-me-up, or they can fuel your brain for late-night study sessions in your apartment.

  • Protein or granola bars. The royalty of pre-packaged snacks. Delicious, portable, and cheap!
  • Beef jerky. Sure, cheese and crackers are great, but cheese requires refrigeration, which you may not have on-the-go. When you want a savory snack that’ll keep you full, skip the cheese and go for individually wrapped beef jerky paired with some salty crackers instead.
  • Applesauce. If buying canned fruit isn’t your thing, try single-serve applesauce containers.
  • Pudding. Perfect for when fruit isn’t enough for your sweet tooth. Be sure to buy pudding cups that don’t require refrigeration so they’ll last longer in your backpack or lunchbox.
  • Peanut butter. Ahh, a college apartment staple! When you need the best non-perishable foods and snacks, go for peanut butter and crackers over PBJ sandwiches! Why? Because jelly and bread tend to go bad more quickly than peanut butter and saltines!
  • Trail mix. Individually-packaged snacks are great, but you can also make your trail mix to save cash! Mix nuts, chocolate candies, raisins, and anything else you want in your custom trail mix. Then, divide it into small plastic bags or reusable containers. Remember that nuts can go bad after several months, but you can store them in the freezer to buy yourself (and your cashews) some time!

Never Go Hungry in Your College Apartment

The dorm days are over—good riddance! You won’t miss the shared showers and cramped living quarters, but if you’re not careful when transitioning to an off-campus apartment, you’ll find yourself missing the good old cafeteria days! Stock up with non-perishable foods that will work for both everyday meals and hanger emergencies. Not close to your local supermarket? Make your adulting life easier with an apartment that’s close to your favorite grocery stores and eateries on ApartmentSearch.