Try the Best Food Delivery Apps When Hunger Strikes

You’re seriously craving a BLT with double bacon and a side of coleslaw… but you can’t bear to peel yourself away from the last season of your favorite show. What’s a hungry guy or gal to do?

Fortunately, there’s a solution that doesn’t require leaving your apartment or even putting on shoes. When you need something scrumptious with minimal effort and zero cleanup, try one of these food delivery apps* that’ll bring your favorite eats right to your apartment door!

Hungry? Order from great delivery apps like…

1. Uber Eats

Fee: $5 delivery fee

If you’ve ever used the ridesharing app Uber as a way to get where you’re going, you know what to expect with this app. Just like if you were requesting a ride, you open the app, order your food, and then you can track where your driver is until they arrive at your apartment. Order from local restaurants or your favorite chain restaurant.

2. Postmates

Fee: $3.99 to $5.99 or more (cheaper options for unlimited subscribers)

Postmates is similar to other food delivery apps, except for a major difference: their unlimited subscription. For a yearly fee, Postmates will eliminate delivery fees for orders over a certain dollar amount. Depending on where you live, that fee can cover a few extra perks, too, like not having to pay surge pricing. They also offer referral incentives for sharing the app with people—you AND your friends can earn discounts.

3. Seamless

Fee: Varies from $0 to $7.99

Seamless makes it easy to order food for one person or twenty. Their website has a page dedicated to coupon codes and promotions, and to save some cash, you can choose to filter your restaurant choices to only those offering coupon codes. Seamless is owned by GrubHub, another great delivery app for food!

Then make it easy for the delivery app driver to find you!

If you live in an apartment complex, make it easy for your delivery driver to find you. Most apps give you the option to include notes for your driver so you can include specific directions, gate codes, or even landmarks to help drivers locate your apartment quickly and easily. For example, “Come through the gate located on Smith Road using code 4782. My apartment is in the second building on the right. Take the back staircase for the easiest access!” After all, the last thing you want is for your driver to get lost with that crave-worthy meal you’ve just ordered!

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