Can a Property Management Company Fine You For Not Picking Up Your Dog’s Poop?

When looking for apartments, it’s important to do your research before your move-in date. This means anticipating and investigating every little issue, from utility costs to maintenance availability and beyond. If you have a dog, you’ll need to consider their issues as well!

Any dog owner understands that pet policies and expenses are part of the apartment search process. Oftentimes, apartment properties will also need to know your dog’s breed, which may require the purchase of a dog DNA test. In turn, this DNA test may also be used to track your pet’s behavior (and potty habits) once you move in! Learn what resources apartment property managers can use against tenants who won’t scoop the poop and what that means for you!

The Scoop

What is the penalty for not picking up dog poop? It all depends on where you’re living.

Here’s the scoop: every complex comes with its own rules and regulations surrounding this topic. To make sure you know what you’re dealing with, inquire about pet waste penalties before signing any documents.

When it comes to pet waste, property management companies usually keep tenants on a tight leash. Often, pet owners will be put on a strike policy should neighbors complain about their negligence. Additionally, some complexes may even raise the fine for repeat offenses. From a legal standpoint, apartment properties can pretty much name their price when it comes to these fines. The cost can be hundreds of dollars, depending on the situation.

Sometimes “scoop the poop” signs just don’t cut it. If you’d like to live at a clean-as-can-be complex, opt for those who have more detailed policies and higher fines. This is a good indicator that, should a “poo problem” arise, they’ll take the matter as seriously as you do.

If You Get Fined

Are you the one getting fined? If you pick up a fine for not picking up dog poop, there’s not much you can do beyond paying up. As mentioned previously, complexes make the rules in this regard. What’s more, these stipulations are usually outlined in lease agreements. So, if you’ve already signed on the dotted line, accepting the consequences is likely your only option.

With that being said, you may be able to work out a payment plan. Property management companies are often flexible about these fines, as long as you’re paying in increments and don’t accrue repeat offenses.

If You’re Fed Up

It’s frustrating when your neighbors don’t respect communal space. Try writing your apartment a dog poop letter, or talk honestly with residents about your grievances. If your current complex still isn’t doing much to keep furry friends in check, it may be time to move on to a new space. is a terrific tool for those looking to relocate. Our website offers a wide range of resources and search capabilities, allowing you to find an apartment that fits your budget and preferences with ease.

You don’t have to live amongst pet pollution if you don’t want to. Lean on, and you’ll find the clean, pet-friendly complex of your dreams!