Celebrate Military and Veterans in Apartments this Memorial Day!

memorial day american flagAs we head into Memorial Day weekend, we cannot help but think of our nation’s military and all that they sacrifice daily for our freedom. Most of us have friends or family members who have served in the armed forces or are currently enlisted, or we are proud members of the military ourselves.

To recognize some of our nation’s active military, just look around your apartment community. There are likely several members of America’s armed forces living there. Apartments, in fact, are one of the primary providers of military housing in this country.

Servicemen and women know that apartments are the place they can go after a stressful day or trip overseas to really relax and spend time with loved ones. They also know that apartments provide a way for them to serve their country while taking care of their families. Because of their busy schedules with odd hours, they need a place to live where everything is taken care of for them. The trash is collected, their community is maintained and they have a variety of amenities for their families. They do not have to come home from an exhausting day and mow their yards. They can simply relax in the comfort of their home or next to their community’s refreshing pool.

Apartments are also one of the most economical housing options for active military and veterans. Recognizing their commitment and sacrifice to their country, most communities offer a generous discount on rent to former and current military members. What a great way to honor our country!

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As you enjoy your apartment community this Memorial Day weekend, don’t forget to thank the military and veterans that reside in your community.