This Labor Day, Celebrate Your Apartment Maintenance Technician

Apartment maintenance technician fixing leaky sink in apartmentLabor Day has been a national holiday for a long time, since President Grover Cleveland signed it into law in 1894 in fact. This celebration of workers started as much more than the three-day, shopping extravaganza and un-official end of the summer season that we know it as today though. In its early days, the celebration of Labor Day was a celebration of a job well done by America’s workforce. From factory workers to industrial laborers, the booming growth of American prosperity meant lots of hard hours in often challenging conditions. The unions fought hard for this time, which would be set aside each year, to allow for a moment of pause. It was a chance to look around, see what had been accomplished, and celebrate a job well done.

Today, we would like to offer this blog as tribute to the tireless efforts of the apartment maintenance professionals that make our apartment lifestyle  one that is free from the daily burdens that often accompany home ownership. If you have a busy work schedule, you may not see them during your daily comings and goings, but you feel their presence all the same. Your apartment community wouldn’t function very long without their diligent efforts to keep everything, both in the apartments and on the common grounds, up and running.

When the pool pump fails, it is often the maintenance tech that comes to the rescue. When the lights are out in the fitness center, when the gates are not working, and when there is a loose railing on the stairs, the maintenance tech is there for everyone in the building!

This goes even further when you look inside an apartment. From the moment a resident moves out, a team of trained experts get to work preparing the apartment for the next person(s) who will call it home. New carpet is laid out and new paint is applied to walls to make sure it looks its best for the residents.

And while you are living there, things may happen. The sink leaks, the A/C stops blowing cold air, or the garbage disposal stops. All of these problems have a remedy that is one simple phone call away. And, while you are at work or out with your family, the maintenance techs are in your apartment doing the things that you need them to do.

So, the next time you are out in your community and see your apartment maintenance professional, do more than simply nod. Go up and shake their hand or pat them on the back. But most importantly, say, “Thank you.” Because the job they are doing today is making life at your apartment community better tomorrow.

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