Dining In Apartments: Balcony BBQ

BBQ on the grillOne of the most fun aspects of life in apartments is coming up with creative solutions to some of the challenges that sharing walls presents. This week, we’ll share some tips for how to host a balcony BBQ with roommates, neighbors, friends or on your own! Just because you don’t exactly have a backyard doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself and guests to the joys of BBQ on a brisk night. Experience the fresh outdoors while preparing a warm and fulfilling meal before the weather gets too harsh. It’s not too late to invest in an apartment grill that will suit the size constraints of your balcony space.

Before you get started, definitely make sure your property management does not forbid this kind of activity. Different properties will have their own sets of rules, so consult yours before proceeding. At some apartments, a balcony BBQ is not allowed for safety reasons, as it may put neighbors at risk of fire if you are careless with the operation of your apartment grill. If you do get permission to proceed with the event, remember to keep safety first. An apartment grill can get just as hot as full-sized models, and you’ll need to stay attentive to contain the flames.

When you shop to find an apartment grill, it is recommended to look at gas grills. The flames from gas grills are easier to contain than those from a charcoal grill. Therefore, they make sense for use in small spaces like balconies of apartments. There will be less smoke and faster cooking due to the higher temperatures they produce. These models come in many sizes to accommodate the area of your balcony BBQ. While you’re shopping, pick up a grilling storage bin so you’ll have a neat place to stow and organize supplies during and after use.

During the cookout, locate your grill away from the balcony door, so there is ease of access to and from the balcony for guests. Keep a small table nearby so you have a place to set utensils, sauces, plates and cooked meat. You’re ready to prepare a tasty and fun meal!

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