As Your Family Evolves, So Does Your Apartment

family reading together in apartmentThe apartment lifestyle is all about choice. Each and every day more and more people are choosing apartments over houses for their flexibility, as well as for the financial benefits. Less costs, lower maintenance, and more amenities make apartments the preferred housing option for 34.6 million Americans. One of the biggest benefits that apartment life offers is the ability to evolve. As your needs grow and your family grows your apartment options can grow to provide solutions. The below offers a few examples of how, over the course of life, apartment living can be more than just a home.

Student Housing

After 18 years of living under a roof with parents, freedom finally comes as a college student moves into their very first apartment.  Just minutes from campus, the apartment has everything. Not only did it come fully furnished, the community itself has so many features and benefits that it will be hard to utilize them all with their academic load.  Along with their new roommates, residents of student housing are thrilled to have access to pools, gyms, game rooms and other items they have never had full access to before. The parents are pleased to have a safe place for their children to call home over the next few months while classes are in session.

The First “Real” Apartment

As graduation nears, no student really wants to have to go back and live with their parents. Many will choose to enter the workforce and get their first apartment unto their own. Possibly a friend will become a roommate but this time, the lifestyle is a little more real. No longer is rent covered by student loans and grants or by mom and dad. Rent now becomes the biggest expense on their budget. Gone is the furnished living of student life. It is time to buy or rent the furniture one needs to make an apartment a home.

An Apartment Built for Two

Whether through dating or marriage, love will blossom and the time will come to move in with the target of one’s affections. What once was two separate lives with two separate apartments; has become a cohesive team acting as a household. Space may become an issue, so the new apartment has to be large enough for two. Furniture, decorations, utility bills, and other items are now shared. As plans for the future have grown, so have the needs to have an apartment best suited for the new lives together.

Two Becomes Three

All parents remember the day that their children came into their lives. It was quiet for so long as the routines of a happy couple unfolded. But then, one day, everything changes. A short while ago, there were only two mouths to feed. Now there are three, and sometimes even more. As the family grows, so does the need for more space.  With playgrounds, playrooms and schools nearby, the new apartment fits the needs for this growing family and the new lifestyle they desire

Jobs Will Grow

Not only has the family grown, but careers have grown as well. New job opportunities have allowed the family to move to a new town. New friends are to be made and new family adventures to be had. With the ever-evolving housing market, a house would have been burdensome to sell. But as apartment dwellers, moving becomes easy. Everything is packed up and loaded onto the moving trucks as the journey to the new town begins. An apartment close to the new job was able to be found that not only fit their budget, but offered a variety of new amenities and features for enjoyment.

New Beginnings

As the family continues to evolve, so does the apartment offerings that are needed. The circle closes as the children that once were dependent on you start their own journey and move out of the family apartment. Retirement will soon near and what was once a day filled with work will become a day filled with enjoying more freedoms of time. Your home has grown from the humble beginnings of renting as a student, to fulfilling the needs of the new American Dream. Now the time has come to downsize your lifestyle and with it downsize your home.

As each phase of your life unfolds, the apartment that you need is ready and waiting for you to move in. In every city and every town in every state, the apartment lifestyle is ready to adapt itself to the ever-changing needs of your family. Whatever your apartment need may be, visit and use our free apartment finding tools. Your next apartment is out there and we look forward to helping you find it.

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