How to Do Valentine’s Day Single  

Valentine's Day On CalendarHave you found yourself still single as Valentine’s Day is approaching? Have no fear! Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about surviving single or moping around. Let’s shoot some of Cupid’s arrows right into the heart of that myth and start your own Valentine’s traditions this year. Here are four ideas to help you feel inspired.

Celebrate Being Single

While the rest of the world seems to be pairing off, it’s good to remember that you should embrace all the reasons being single is awesome. Use Valentine’s Day as a mini-holiday for yourself and splurge on that pair of shoes or new gadget you’ve had your eye on. Or you could revel in the alone time of your 1-bedroom apartment and sleep in as late as you want!

Have A Night Out

There’s strength in numbers. Wallowing around alone on Valentine’s Day probably won’t make you feel too cheery. Instead, get a group of friends together for a night out including drinks, dinner, and dancing. Just steer clear of restaurants that cater to a “romantic” vibe. If you find a happening spot, you might have found the rest of your town’s singles as well.

Throw a Dinner Party

If you’d rather stay in on Valentine’s Day, invite your friends over for a delicious meal and movie night instead. Enjoy the single life by spending time with the people that keep you going. You can even make it a potluck so you don’t create too much work for yourself. Also, if relationships have been just as horrifying for your friends as they have for you, make it a scary movie marathon.

Spend Time on a Favorite Hobby

Why not spend Valentine’s Day giving back to you? Get back into yoga or that craft project sitting in the back of the closet. Not only will you forget about Valentine’s Day, but also you’ll be able to do something that makes you feel both happy and productive. That self-satisfaction is better than a lousy box of chocolates any day.

So single ladies and gentlemen, put your hands up and wave them proudly because there’s no shame in the single game. And besides, who is a better Valentine’s Date for yours truly than you?