How to Host a Small Apartment’s Housewarming Party

apartmentsAfter comparing many, many apartments, you’ve chosen your perfect small apartment, signed the lease, moved in, and unpacked.  But an apartment’s space may not quite feel like home until you’ve had guests over.  A housewarming party is a great way to break in a new apartment, let your family and friends see your new place, and maybe even meet your apartment’s neighbors so you can start to make friends.

But a small apartment might leave you wanting for room to maneuver, which can be difficult when planning a get-together.  Inviting all of your nearest and dearest over might be a bit cramped.  That’s why it’s all about ingenuity when it comes to planning a small apartment’s housewarming party.  If you get creative with what you’ve got, your housewarming party will be a success, no matter your apartment’s size!

Stay Neat and Clean

Even if you’re an untidy apartment-dweller by day, it’s important to clean up before a small apartment’s housewarming party.  Even a little clutter will likely limit seating or floor space, and you’re going to need as much room as you can get.

Stash the Breakables

While you’re cleaning, it may be wise to hide anything fragile so that it doesn’t get knocked over during the course of the party.  Lots of people in a small space often leads to some jostling around, and it would be a shame for a favorite picture frame or a treasured knickknack to suffer damage because of a little bump to your apartment’s bookshelf.

Go Horizontal

When you tidy up, make sure every one of your apartment’s horizontal surfaces is cleared off.  That way you can use your coffee table as a buffet, your kitchen counters for cups, napkins, and beverages, and free up your end tables and kitchen table as places to set food and drinks.

Choose Finger Foods

Finding a place to set a plate down and eat in a small apartment can be tough.  Skip the cutlery and full-size plates and give your guests finger foods instead.  With the options of small plates or sturdy napkins, they can stand and chat while nibbling on appetizers or dinner foods.

What are your tips for hosting housewarming parties in small apartments?  Connect with ApartmentSearch on Twitter and Facebook and tell us about your small apartment living experiences!