How to Prep Your Apartment for a Winter Vacation

leaving apartment for winter vacationAs we move into the holiday season, it’s important to think about better ways to prep your apartment for a vacation. Leaving your apartment in the summer is fairly easy – but in the colder months, there are new weather conditions and security concerns that can have lasting effects on your apartment, if not taken into consideration before you leave town.

Whether you’re leaving your apartment in Detroit or brownstone in New York, here are some key insights to keep in mind to prep your home for a winter vacation.

Take precautions against break-ins.

Since many people take time off to go visit family and friends during the holidays, home break-ins are common. Let your apartment’s leasing office know you’ll be out of town. Have your mail held for you at the post office or enlist the help of your neighbors if you’re going to be gone longer than a couple days. You can also invest in light timers as an additional deterrent for anyone who might be looking for signs that you have gone on vacation.

Plan for inclement weather.

Winter months mean harsher weather, including deep freezes. Leave your sinks dripping slightly and your cabinets open to keep the pipes from freezing. Your thermostat should be left at a minimum of 55℉ to keep appliances and pipes running smoothly.

Care for your plants.

In colder weather, plants can take a beating. You can implement some DIY watering systems to keep plants hydrated in the dry winter weather and can also cover them if they sit close to a draft window. If you anticipate freezing temperatures while you’re away, preemptively relocate your outdoor plants inside. Just make sure they get enough sun!

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