How to Weather Hurricane Season in an Apartment

Aerial view of hurricane approaching the United StatesDon, Julie, and Mark are comin’ for ya! No, not your exes…the hurricanes. Hurricane season is June 1 through November 30. Are you prepared to stay safe in your apartment? Here’s what you need to know to keep calm in the chaos of severe weather, as well as what to do when a hurricane hits and you’re living in an apartment.


  • Know the difference between Watch and Warning. The amount of time you have to plan/prepare depends on which one is issued. A watch gives you more time and usually means that the storm will arrive within 36 hours. A warning, however, only gives you about 24 hours. Be sure to get moving quickly if the latter comes along.
  • Brush up on your insurance knowledge. Does your renter’s insurance cover flooding? Damage to your furniture and lovely apartment knick-knacks? What do you need in order to file a claim? Be sure to keep an inventory of your possessions for these purposes, as well as know what you’ll need in order to be covered.
  • Have an emergency kit ready to go. Most of the things you probably have on hand, but the trick is to make sure everything is in one place. That way when you need it, you can simply grab and go. Be sure to include non-perishable food items, water, flashlights and batteries, a battery-powered radio, cash, some clothing items, basic tools, and a first aid kit – just to name a few items. Check out our complete list for putting together an apartment emergency kit.


  • Follow directions and evacuate if you’re told to. If you’re hit with an evacuation order, don’t ignore it! People often think that these are not as serious as they actually are, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. No one wants to be stuck in an apartment when a hurricane does hit. But, if you are…
  • Stay in small, windowless areas if possible. A bathroom, closet, or hallway on the lowest possible floor is your safest bet. Your emergency kit will definitely come in handy here, especially if the power goes out. Use the battery-powered radio to listen for updates on the storm, and try to remain as calm as possible.
  • Stay up to date. Keep up with the storm on your phone (if you’ve got service) through the National Weather Service or listen for updates on your local radio station.

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