7 Awesome Ideas for Celebrating Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother and daughter sharing a piece of cheesecake on Mother's DayRemember all the times you asked your mom, “Can I go out and play?” or “Do you think this outfit looks okay?” or “What the heck is a tax bracket and why am I paying the government when I make no money. This is ridiculous!” That’s what this day is for – to celebrate the woman who always has the answers. Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, May 8th, and we’ve got some fun suggestions on how to show her that you care. Read on to find out!

1. Cucumbers!

…on her EYES, silly. This is no salad-making holiday. It’s a holiday for pampering and pretty much any activity at the spa will work. (Don’t forget to take a pic together with the cucumbers over your eyes because…well, Instagram.)

2. Stuff Your Faces, Together

Seriously, nothing is more satisfying than a great meal together, plus she’ll appreciate the fact that you formally invited her to dinner. Try and make it to her favorite restaurant or at least somewhere she can order her favorite type of food – bonus points!

3. Become A Chef

…for a night, and make her an amazing meal at your apartment. It’s easy on the wallet AND it’s legit homemade. Want to try something a little different? Try making brunch instead of dinner. Show her how domestic you are!

4. Take A Class, Any Class

Pilates, yoga, cooking, cheese-making, wine-tasting (hey, it’s still considered “educational,” okay?)…the options are endless and learning something new together makes for super fun/memorable quality time. Maybe you’ll even master a new skill, like finally knowing the difference between a Cabernet and a Pinot Noir. (Don’t worry, we still think “red” is a type of wine too.)

5. Get Prehistoric

Want to really impress her? Print out actual photographs of you two and put them in actual frames. That way, she doesn’t have to whip out her smartphone every time someone mentions the greatest person in the world (hint: you!).

6. Get Your Shakespeare On

Okay, maybe nothing too sonnet-y, but a handwritten letter is a thing of the past. Put down the laptop and find a pen and paper – anything that your mother can hold (like a printed photograph) is a lot more memorable than, say, an email with the subject line: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.

7. Recreate The Past

We’ve all seen the adorable trend where people recreate old family photos. (Oh, you haven’t? Get a looksie.) Why not try it yourself? Grab your siblings (or hire stand-in actors. Just kidding, don’t do that) and relive the time you all made a pyramid at the beach and then completely fell down.

We hope that this list gives you a good start on making sure mom is stress-free and happy on her special day. But we gotta say, the most important thing is probably the fact that you remembered (and showed her that you remembered)! How will you be celebrating Mom this Mother’s Day? Follow ApartmentSearch on Facebook and Twitter and let us know.