Labor Day Break Will Improve Life

Man RelaxingWe all need a break now and then. There is no one among us who can work 14 hours a day, seven days a week and not feel the effects from it. Our lack of sleep affects our health, our mood, and our thinking. Sometimes we are so tired, it is difficult to think straight at work or drive safely to work. We may become irritable with our family and friends. Of course, you may be thinking, working this hard is a necessity of life. And you are right. Many people must work two or three jobs to pay the bills.

However, when you consider the myriad of benefits that taking one day off provides – including improving your productivity at work – you may consider taking a break this Labor Day. The mental and physical break from work for just one day a week can significantly improve your health, reduce your anxiety and stress level and improve productivity, experts say. A 2010 survey found that more than half of workers in the U.S. and other countries said their brains could not handle all the data that they have to process at work. And that five years ago! The U.S. is on digital/ data overload now.

Plus, more U.S. companies are switching to flexible work schedules; because they have found that flex schedules improve worker productivity. Many employees are putting in all their hours over four days and then enjoying a three-day weekend, or work from home one day a week. In fact, 59 percent of employees whose offices offer flexible schedules said the schedules are a key factor in their productivity, according to a recent study from Staples.

The great news for you as an apartment resident is, when you take a day off of work, you have a wonderful place to spend your time. You can choose to rest or read a book all day in your apartment. You can visit with your friends that live in the same community. You can relax by the pool. You can use the community’s fitness center on your day off – since many of us are too busy working to exercise. You can walk around your beautifully-landscaped community.

Plus, most apartments are close to other fun and relaxing things to do, including going to a movie or restaurant, playing with kids at the park or spending time at a nearby lake or ocean. Getting out in nature is one of the things that helps rejuvenate you for the next work day. Remember, you have earned this Labor Day holiday by working hard the rest of the year.

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