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Late on rent? You’ll want to pay up as quickly as possible and take steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Although being late on rent most likely won’t result in the loss of your apartment, you definitely don’t want to make it a habit. It could result in late fees, a very upset landlord, and at worst, eviction. Here are some tips to help you out if you’re late on rent.

Check Your Apartment Lease

Every apartment lease will have a section about late rent. When you find an apartment, it’s a good idea to ask questions about the lease and go over the sections, not forgetting the one about late rent. The lease should clearly state any late fees and on what past-due date they will be charged. These late fees are there for a reason: to motivate residents to pay rent on time. Every lease is different, but sometimes apartments will only charge late fees after the rent is a certain amount of days late. Still, don’t let this make you think you have a few extra days past the due date to pay — rent is due on or before that due date, which is typically the first of the month.

If you’re not paying on time, it’s late — and your landlord could start taking steps to evict you. If necessary, you may want to consider legal assistance in this situation.

Pay Your Rent

You should pay your rent on or before its due date. Keep in mind that your landlord is probably just like you: He or she has bills to pay and needs to pay them on time. Receiving late rent could cause them to be late on their mortgage or other bills, thus incurring late fees. If you’ve been late on rent to the point that you’ve incurred fees, don’t forget to pay those on time, too.

Pay Your Rent On Time Every Time

Take steps to make sure you’ll be able to pay your rent on time every time. You’ll have to examine your budget and your own situation, but some ideas to help you could include setting reminders on a calendar, or even getting a roommate to help cover costs.

Late Rent: A Disclaimer

This article is just meant to make our readers aware of some things that come along with being late on rent — we are not lawyers, and laws regarding tenants and leases vary from state to state. We stress always paying rent on time, and seek legal advice if needed. You can also use the government’s Housing and Urban Development website to research your situation.