5 Luxurious Apartment Amenities You’ll See in 2018

Apartment living that spotlights lavish swimming pools and fancy cafes is so 2017. The next level of extravagance includes more dogs than you might think!

Here are five luxurious apartment amenities you’ll see in 2018.

1) Impressive introductions

As they say, you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression! Luxury apartments are taking that to heart by decking out their lobbies to ensure a breathtaking first impression. How are they doing it? With polished concrete floors, hand-woven custom rugs, world-class artwork, bronze walls, hand-blown lights, chandeliers, high ceilings, oversized seating, and more. That would be nice to come home to every day, right?

2) Incredible common spaces

The theme for common spaces in 2018? “Nothing short of incredible.” Dank laundry rooms and empty gyms definitely need not apply. Instead, luxury apartment tenants can look forward to:

  • Enclosed workspaces to help achieve a work-life balance
  • Concierge services to assist with any problems that arise … or maybe just to take receipt of your dry cleaning
  • Cooking classes for refined foodies
  • Bicycle repair stations for eco-conscious commuters

3) Green spaces for green thumbs

Consider this a trend hundreds of years in the making! In Norway, it isn’t unusual to see houses topped with roofs of grass and other foliage. These sod roofs provide good insulation, help stabilize the house, and last for a long time. Luxury apartments take this idea to the next level, offering personal rooftop farms. Tenants with green thumbs can grow their own produce and never run out of tomatoes again!

4) Gyms that promise more than bigger muscles

Luxury apartments are putting apartment gyms through a contemporary workout plan. The result: a decidedly modern take on health. Want to play a round of golf? Get in a game of basketball? Maybe even kick a soccer ball around while imagining you’re playing in the World Cup? Thanks to sports simulators, your virtual reality workout opens a world of options not typically available to apartment residents. And since all that huffing and puffing won’t make your wrinkles go away, one Los Angeles apartment building’s wellness center even offers Botox treatments to residents! Not luxurious enough for you? Then consider an address that provides an infrared sauna, which is said to help users detoxify, relax, and lose weight.

5) Indulging dogs and the humans who love them

If you’re a dog person, you get it: the place you choose to live must welcome dogs if there’s a chance of them welcoming you. You’re less inclined to search for “apartments for rent” and much more likely to search for “apartments for rent — must love dogs!” Luxury apartments understand this and are stepping up by offering a full range of amenities for man’s best friend like on-site dog parks, dog spas, rooftop dog runs … and much more. Even Gatsby’s life wasn’t this great!

Are these amenities missing from your current apartment? You may not be able to move, but you CAN clue your landlord into some perks that may make you want to be the highly coveted, “long-term renter.” But if you just can’t live one more month without a terraced dog run or the kind of lobby that puts five-star hotels to shame, no worries! Search luxury apartments on ApartmentSearch today and find the amenities you want at a price you love.