Making Good Use of Student Discounts  

ApartmentSearch_Piggy-BankIf you’re living life on the college kid budget, then you’ve probably asked the question, “Do you have a discount for students?” at your favorite food stop. If you’re new to the student life or are looking to save a couple pennies, here are some starter tips to get you on the discounted path.

Find Expert Resources

A grad student, victory-lapping senior, or online forum could have all the golden knowledge you need to eat or shop cheaper. Beyond the usual spots around your campus, there could be somewhere you never thought would sympathize with your college going that will happily knock 15% off your taco bill.

Recommend A Discount

If you love the sandwich shop down the street from your place and wish you got rewarded for your loyalty, suggest a student discount to them! Say you and your friends are constantly searching for the next best place to eat that will cut them some slack for looking to live on a budget. If you’ve developed a good relationship with a place, they will value your service and suggestions.


Social media is your best friend when it comes to student discounts. Many local restaurants use apps like Yelp or Swarm (formerly FourSquare) to help drive up customers. Often all it takes is checking in at your location to be presented with a discount, everything from a free appetizer to a buy-one, get-one entree. Often those discounts change on a weekly or even monthly basis so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

Stay Local

Franchises can offer student discounts to reel you in, but keep an eye out for the local places. Small businesses are much more likely to cater to their customers and listen to you if you have a request for their business. The owner could even be the person at the counter! If you like a local joint that doesn’t have a student discount, a recommendation will go much farther with a small business than with a franchise of a big corporation. Don’t be shy – try it. See what happens.