How to Help Your Parents Overcome Empty Nest Syndrome

There’s a season for everything, including leaving your beloved parents’ house. Whether you’re headed off to college or just moving into your first apartment, your parents are about to be flying solo at home. Put these tips to use to help make the transition easier for them!

Help your parents with empty nest syndrome by…

Planning weekly check-ins.

Part of “empty nest syndrome” occurs because your parents feel lonely without you living under their roof. They abruptly go from seeing you every single day to seeing you much less.

One way to help your parents ease into their solo life and remedy this loneliness is by having regularly scheduled “dates” with them. If you still live close by, make plans to meet up for lunch or dinner one day every week. If you’ve relocated somewhere far away, plan weekly Skype sessions! By planning weekly check-ins, your parents will have something to look forward to – plus, they’ll realize they aren’t losing touch with you simply because you left home.

Keeping them “in the know” about your life.

When you lived at home, your parents asked about your day every single evening. They met everyone you brought over to the house, and they knew what you were up to on a daily basis. A big part of empty nest syndrome is a fear that they won’t know you as well once you’re out of their sight.

By keeping them updated about what’s going on in your life, they won’t feel like they’re missing out. This is the best way of saying, “See? You still know everything there is to know about me!” Text them about your grades. Call them when you start dating someone new. FaceTime when you have a funny story. All of these things will help them overcome their empty nest syndrome and feel at ease living separately from you.

Behaving responsibly!

Sorry in advance for this less than fun piece of advice, but hear us out! When their children leave the nest, many parents struggle with constant worry and fear over the unknown. What is my child up to? Is everything okay? Are they safe? By behaving responsibly and safely, you’ll help your parents sleep better at night, knowing you’re not in danger.

Surprising them with a special activity.

Being a parent is a full-time job, and your mom and dad have had their hands full for a while. Now that you’re out of their hair, they have time to explore old hobbies, find new passions, and reconnect with each other. Why not help them?

Surprise them with a gift card to do something fun together. Sign them up for cooking classes or send them an itinerary for a weekend “staycation.” Make them reservations at their favorite restaurant and nudge them into having a special date night. Remind them that there is a lot of fun stuff to see and explore, and now they have a lot of free time to do it!

Inviting your parents to visit your new home!

Remind your parents that now you’re out of their home and into your own, they have somewhere to visit! Pick a date on the calendar for them to visit. This will help their empty nest syndrome immensely. Not only will they have something to look forward to, but they’ll feel included and welcomed into your new life.

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