How to Seriously Slash Your Summer A/C Bill

Small terrier dog sitting in front of fan, cooling off in hot apartment“Summer breeze, makes me feel fine,” but summer heat and electricity bills definitely do not. If you live in an apartment, you’re probably familiar with the rising costs of your energy bill in the summer. So how can you keep your cool without paying a fortune? Here are some great money-saving hacks, just for apartment renters.

Cover up. No, not you. Your windows! Using insulated drapes or blackout curtains can help keep the heat out and the cool in. They’ll also make it easier to sleep in on Saturday. Win!

Be shady. Your air conditioner doesn’t like to be hot, either. If you’ve got a window A/C unit, shade it from the sun to save energy and money. The cooler the unit, the more efficiently it will run.

Say no to drafts. Good for both summer and winter, draft stoppers can dramatically help when it comes to keeping hot or cool air inside. Buy them cheaply at home repair stores, or make your own!

Practice your feng shui. Are your vents behind the couch? Have you ever noticed? Make sure that your furniture isn’t bringing the heat by rearranging your living areas to be more energy efficient. Practice feng shui from your apartment’s entryway to the kitchen with these feng shui living tips.

Be fan-tastic. Stagnant air can make for a stuffy room. With or without an A/C, a fan provides circulation and a nice breeze. You’ll be your energy bill’s biggest fan! (Ok, we’re done with the fan puns.)

Chill out your food. We’re not saying your food thinks you’re stressed. Although, speaking of inanimate objects with feelings…your wallet would appreciate if you embraced food that didn’t use the oven or stove. Make summer salads, sandwiches, and other things that don’t require slaving over a hot stove. Get some ideas for “no-cook” recipes here.

Turn it up. Save energy while you’re not at home by turning the thermostat up before you leave. While turning it off completely may actually use more power once you’re back home, kicking it up a few notches will save you money and time spent waiting for the room to cool down again.

Embrace the landlord. Be sure that your energy sources are all running smoothly. If you think there may be a repair that could help, ask your landlord to help. Part of the benefit of having one, after all, is so they can fix things! Stay on top of things your apartment’s maintenance will usually repair, and things they won’t. And don’t forget to put your requests in writing!

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