Six Ways to Spend Thanksgiving Alone This Year

Thanksgiving is a day generally spent with loved ones, so celebrating alone can feel a bit… strange. Strange, but still wonderful! Whether you’re intentionally skipping out on family festivities or finding yourself unexpectedly far from loved ones, celebrating Thanksgiving alone can be fun and memorable. Here’s a list of ways to make the most of your solo Thanksgiving holiday!

Visit with family and friends virtually or over the phone.

The beautiful thing about life today is that technology makes it easier than ever to spend time with the people we love. Spending Thanksgiving without family doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little long-distance family bonding! Carve out some time to talk with your family over Zoom, FaceTime, or a good old traditional phone call, all of which will help you feel a little more connected this holiday. Have them pull up a seat for their laptop, and you can even join them for the Thanksgiving meal!

Plan an epic feast for one.

At Thanksgivings past, you got triple servings of green bean casserole, but politely (and adamantly) refused Aunt Jenn’s notoriously bland mashed potatoes. This year, why not treat yourself to a feast of only your favorites?

Ask family members for their famous recipes, cut them in half, and you’ve got your Thanksgiving meal and leftovers! If Thanksgiving food isn’t your favorite – or you have zero interest in cooking — use the holiday as an excuse to treat yourself to the food you love. Or, if you’re feeling social, gather your besties for a Friendsgiving feast!

Start a fun project.

If spending Thanksgiving alone has you slightly bummed out, keep yourself busy by diving into a new project! Maybe you’ve been waiting to find time to repaint your old dresser, learn to knit or rearrange your living room. Or perhaps, you have a 1,000-piece puzzle with your name written all over it. Whatever activity or project will keep you content and occupied, this day off work is the opportunity!

Give back to your community.

Thanksgiving is a day to focus on gratitude, and serving others is a beautiful way to demonstrate it. On Thanksgiving, there are usually ample opportunities to give back to your community, whether that be running a charity 5K, donating canned goods to a food bank, or doling up hot meals at a local shelter. If you’re craving those warm, fuzzy feelings you get from precious family time, you might just find them while serving others.

Get moving!

Nothing brightens up a holiday quite like an endorphin rush. Before you enjoy some yummy comfort food, take a little time to move your body! Whether you run an organized “Turkey Trot,” do a bit of living room yoga, or go for a walk around your block, stretching your legs can put you in a great mood.

Treat yourself to plenty of extra TLC.

It’s a holiday! Even if you can’t be with the people you love, you can certainly spoil yourself with a little TLC. Do the things you enjoy, whether that’s bingeing a funny television show, taking a bubble bath, playing a video game, or enjoying an uninterrupted midday nap. Whether a solo Thanksgiving was your first or last choice plan, you can make the most of it by spending the day your way.

Just because you’re spending a holiday alone doesn’t mean you need to spend it lonely. If you’re searching for an apartment community that offers fun community events – like Friendsgiving! – search for your next place on ApartmentSearch!