Spring Has Finally Sprung: An Apartment Tale

Young casually dressed woman sitting in cafe with her adorable French bulldog puppy. Close up shot with wide angle lens.The day was finally here. Lola grabbed her sweater and rushed outside. The morning air was cool on her face as she raced down the steps of her apartment building. There, under a light pole, was a quickly-disappearing pile of slush no larger than a shoe. The melted water glistened as it sunk into the surrounding grass. She snapped a photo on her phone and pushed it out onto Instagram. The adorned verbiage was just four words long: “Spring is officially here!”

After she was back upstairs, she looked around her small, unassuming home. Great apartments in Boston were in high demand and affordable ones, at least on her salary, were even harder to find. But she had gotten lucky on her search six months ago and found what seemed like a dream opportunity for a place in Somerville, on the outskirts of the city. She could ride her bike to work on nice days and an Uber ride to the T station at the Assembly was usually around $5. No car was needed to enjoy life in Boston, and that meant much more funds were freed up for her home.

The 850-square-foot space had everything she needed, but one challenge occupied her mind today. Since the snow began falling late last year, her space progressively felt more cluttered and claustrophobic. A three-day weekend off work meant only one thing: spring cleaning.

With the windows open, allowing the brisk 50-degree air in, she set forth on her mission. Room after room, she examined every nook and cranny. Drawers that had not been opened in weeks suddenly saw the light of day. Cabinet interiors were wiped, ceiling fans dusted, and even the cracks in between the sofa cushions were vacuumed. All day she labored to get her space back to spick-n-span shape and, as dusk settled outside her window, she collapsed in a chair with a sigh. Mission complete.

The next morning, she hopped out of bed with a new idea. Something was missing in this home and it was time to go find it. After breakfast, and with the press of a few buttons, she was in an Uber and off on her quest. She knew she would be renewing her lease in a few weeks so that she could remain in the amazing space she called home. So the new task that she charged herself with was even more important.

As the last of the light faded from the windows, she finally arrived back home… and she was not alone. Within her arms was her new roommate, Guapo. At only 12 weeks old, the tiny French Bulldog was still clumsy when exploring his new home. After sniffing all of his new space and going for a walk outside, they settled in together and cuddled on the couch. Lola smiled. Her nice clean space would be home for the two of them for many months to come. She was still smiling as they fell asleep, dreaming of the new adventures that awaited them both.

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