Staying Fit At Apartments By Using A Smartphone

apartment livingApartments that do not offer community gyms do not have to be a deal breaker for those wanting to stay fit or lose weight while remaining close to home. These days, staying fit is easier than ever within the confines of your apartment living quarters with the power of a smartphone. If you like to jog or walk, own a bike, hike, or do workout videos, downloading a free app that can help track your progress and keep you motivated may be for you! Think of it as digitally checking into the gym, all from the comforts of your apartment.

If you have an Android device, the Noom app may be for you. After you set your weight-loss goal, there are tracking features that help monitor progress. You must log your weight and your food intake daily. The app keeps track of the types of food that you enter, places them into categories, and makes the data viewable in a color-coded pie chart. Seeing your overall diet broken out clearly and visually can make it easier to pinpoint where you need to make changes to be more healthy. The third feature of the app tracks your exercise routine by using GPS and your physical movement. You can take a jog around your apartment, move your body to an exercise workout video, take a bike ride around your neighborhood, or even jump rope in your apartment living room.

If you have an iPhone, there are several options for keeping up with your workout. Nike+ and RunKeeper are common apps used for keeping track of workouts through smartphone GPS. These apps offer a great way to stay motivated by others because you can keep track of all of your friends’ progress and mileage. Calorific is a popular app thats keeps track of your food intake. Combining the app with an exercise app like Nike+ or RunKeeper can help you have a well-rounded program for keeping track of your fitness and weight loss goals.

So, its time to find an apartment near a park or trail, and get moving! No gym membership required.