This Summer’s Coolest Apartment Amenities

Group of four friends jumping into apartment poolSummer isn’t the only thing heating up. Apartment living is the most popular housing choice in the nation today. As a result, in many cities, apartments are becoming harder and harder to find. This also means that rent rates are burning a hole in the pockets of some apartment residents. Thankfully, there are still plenty of affordable apartments in your city and they may have some surprises waiting for you. In fact, these apartment amenities are not only super cool, they help you get red hot value for the cost of your rent!

The Apartment Internet of Things

As a society, we have become obsessed with our technology. (How long can YOU go without checking your email on your state-of-the-art smartphone, huh?) Apartment communities have really jumped on this trend to provide great hi-tech perks to their renters. Many new apartment complexes have included cutting-edge technological conveniences that would cost thousands of dollars for single-family homeowners to implement on their own. Keyless doors that open using your mobile phone, in-apartment Bluetooth speaker systems, and even the ability to control your thermostat from an app, are all becoming commonplace amenities. The future is here and it’s connecting us to our apartment homes in whole new ways!

Unique Places for Your Stuff

The comedian George Carlin once said that a home is, “a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.” Though the millennial generation is noted for preferring experiences over material goods, they still have plenty of items that can quickly fill up an apartment. Apartments now are rethinking how space is used to help optimize the living areas of its residents. Sliding walls, vertical storage systems, and built-in expanding furniture pieces are allowing residents of smaller apartments to live bigger, better lives. But also, luxury storage options such as a dedicated “shoe closet” are proving to be much sought-after amenities for all generations of apartment shoppers.

Pet Perks Galore

Apartment developers are also focusing on apartment residents with four legs. Many communities are even hosting “Yappy Hour” socials, with treats for the K-9s and wine for the humans. Some luxury high-rise communities are also offering a full-time pet concierge who will visit your apartment and play with your pets, feed them, or take them for a walk while you are at work or on vacation. A few places even have cat cafes so that cats can play together and humans can take a break from their day. Whatever you and your pet desire, there’s an apartment community that can meet both of your lifestyles!

An Outdoor Oasis

Sure, tons of apartment communities have swimming pools, but long gone are the days of a few vinyl-strapped lounge chairs strewn about a concrete pond. The swimming areas of today’s apartment communities look as though they should be at a high-end tropical resort. Isn’t that how you want to feel when you’re enjoying this much sought-after apartment amenity? Like you are on a little mini-vacation? Waterfalls, wicker lounges, cabanas with fans and TVs…all of these are becoming common and helping make summer apartment living as cool as it can be.

Finding Your Apartment is Easy

Even in a crowded apartment market, apartment communities with these amazing amenities are both available and affordable. All you have to do is find them. That is where comes in. Our free online search engine helps you find the apartment of your dreams. Narrow your search by location, amenities, prices, and even walkability. Things get even cooler when you let your leasing agent know that you used ApartmentSearch to find your apartment. This qualifies you to receive up to $200 in rewards. That’s right…we pay you for using ApartmentSearch to find your next apartment home! Free money may be the coolest amenity of all.

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