Thoughts on the Transcendent Concept of Home

Young man looking out over a city at sunset, contemplating the concept of homeWhere do you call home? For that matter, how do you define your home? Is it the place from which you hail, or the place you lay your head when you go to sleep each night? Is home a quiet place of seclusion, or a rambunctious meeting place for friends and family? What each individual calls home is very different. But at the same time, all of these concepts are innately the same. It is just part of the transcendent concept we call home.

A home isn’t always a house

A home and a house are two different things. A house is a physical location. It is an apartment, a condo, or maybe a single free-standing structure that exists as a place holder. As comedian George Carlin once put it, “It is a place to store your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.” It is the roof over your head and the floor beneath your feet. It serves a purpose as a functional place to begin and end.

Home is a feeling

Instead of a physical location, home can be an emotional extension of your heart. It has warmth, it has feeling, and it tells a story. When you leave your home, a little part of it travels with you into the world. And you leave an indelible mark on the very fabric of its existence. Your energy will forever be part of the place(s) you call home. It is a place where memories are created and where others are stored. You know it when you are there and you miss it when you are gone.

The people who call an apartment both a house and a home are unique in the world. They have chosen, for reasons both personal and consequential, to be part of a great experiment that tugs at the very core of the similarities and the differences of the concept of home. People who live the apartment lifestyle are surrounded by much more than a collection of boxes that are inhabited by other people.

Your apartment is your home

Apartment renters know that the apartment they call home is not defined by its unit number, but by the story that is created while living there. It is shared by those who surround you. The property management team, the maintenance staff, the neighbors, and the endless stream of neighborhood businesses that integrate into the apartment community’s place in the world — they all play a role in the narrative. Every apartment is just as unique as the people who call it home. You remember the story behind your first apartment, don’t you? For the people who feel this emotional tie to their apartment, we say: “Welcome Home!”

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