Top Five Trending Apartment Amenities for 2016

apartment pools are one of the top amenitiesEverywhere you go, you hear about the increase in popularity of the apartment lifestyle. Everyone from retiring Baby Boomers to Millennials to Generation Z – who are just now finding their first apartments – are discovering the benefits of apartment living. But an apartment is much more than just a place to eat and lay your head at night. One of the greatest things about apartment living is all the amenities that come with it – amenities that most people would not otherwise be able to afford or enjoy.

While we all know about apartment community amenities such as fitness centers, swimming pools and recreational activities such as tennis and racquetball, there are many other amenities that are driving people to choose renting rather than owning.

These are the top trending amenities for 2016:

In the apartment

Apartment residents still need to focus on what is inside of their apartment when deciding their top reasons for choosing a home. Of the features that will generate the most interest in 2016, high speed internet access will remain a significant factor in which apartments people to choose to live. Additional important items include smart technology (internet of things), soundproofing and storage.

Community amenities

For renters seeking a new apartment community in 2016, one of the most significant factors is parking. In an era in which we are using our cars more, it is important to have safe, reliable and close access to your vehicle. However, walkability still remains a huge renter focus. The most popular destinations for walkability include grocery stores, restaurants and, of course, work.

Additional Features

Of course, everyone wants the “resort-style living” amenities that many apartment communities advertise. Rather than paying for a gym membership, you could have a modern fitness facility inside your community, complete with equipment and classes such as yoga and Pilates. Also, pools, saunas and hot tubs are always in demand throughout the U.S. In addition, a community with a “green” policy (recycling, gardens, energy efficiency) is of huge importance to many renters. Also of note is the increase in the number of communities providing secure access points, so apartment residents can have an enhanced level of safety.

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