Top Unexpected Perks Of Living In Apartments

Apartment LivingWhat do you love about living in your apartment? Many of us love where we live because of its great location near our jobs, schools, family and friends. Many of us love our apartment because it is our home, where we enjoy our free time and create memories with our family and friends. Many of us love our apartment because of the community in which we live, from the great neighbors to the large pool to the friendly leasing staff.

While there are many obvious benefits of living in apartments, some of the greatest side perks are less well known.

Save Money on Repairs and Upkeep

Apartment dwellers get to spend significantly less on utilities than most homeowners. They don’t have to pay for a professional to fix their appliances, air conditioning or plumbing when it is broken. They simply place a quick call to the leasing office, and maintenance staff fixes the problem. In addition, they don’t have to pay for maintenance and upkeep to their property, such as landscaping, repairing the roof, and installing a sprinkler system. This is all provided by the community in which they live.

Entertainment for Kids and Adults

Especially during the summer when children are out of school, apartment communities offer so much to keep kids busy. Most offer pools, splash pads, tennis courts, walking and biking trails, and other free ways that you and your kids can stay active and have fun. Many apartment communities host weekly or monthly events for their adult and kid residents, such as game nights and “dive-in movies”, which saves residents an incredible amount of money they would be paying for similar entertainment.

Accessible Childcare

Parents also have no lack of baby-sitting help, with access to adults and teenagers in the community who are willing to watch children. Better yet, some communities offer partial child supervision and events in the clubhouse for afterschool or even during resident events, so parents can have a break or a night out. The charge is often minimal or free, which is just another way to save money. The best part of that arrangement is that your kids are so close to home.

Save Money on Commuting

Most apartment communities are conveniently located near public transportation, city centers, shopping, parks and other venues, so residents can cheaply commute to work, school and the things they like to do. Apartment residents often save a considerable amount of money on gas, versus some homeowners who commute from the suburbs to jobs an hour or two away. By having an apartment closer to the office, you save more than just money; you save precious time.

Take Better Care of Your Pets

Many communities now offer dog parks and pet concierge services that include walking your dog and pet-sitting. Some even have washing and grooming stations for your dogs. These amenities make it more convenient for you to take care of your pet and often save you money to boot.

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