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Team of young casual business people collaborating on an online project using a digital touchpad tablet computer in a bright modern office spacePicture yourself with a great tech job on the 22nd floor of a downtown high-rise. Each morning, you arrive at work eager for the day’s journey. You don’t mind the long hours because you love what you do. The pay is good and there are a lot of perks to working there. You especially like the people that you work alongside.

There is just one problem. In order to afford the house that you own, you have to commute one hour in the morning to get there and an hour in the evening to return. Traffic is horrible, and the commute itself is physically exhausting. You have less time for your family, friends, and the things you love to do. So what’s a homeowner to do? Apartment life may be the solution.

Apartment LivingWhat do you love about living in your apartment? Many of us love where we live because of its great location near our jobs, schools, family and friends. Many of us love our apartment because it is our home, where we enjoy our free time and create memories with our family and friends. Many of us love our apartment because of the community in which we live, from the great neighbors to the large pool to the friendly leasing staff.

While there are many obvious benefits of living in apartments, some of the greatest side perks are less well known.