Don’t Sweat It! Top 5 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

If you live in most major metropolitan areas of the United States, you are experiencing sweltering temperatures and, in some cases, major drought. Fortunately, apartment residents have a number of ways to beat the sweltering summer temperatures and cool off, especially if they live in a great apartment community. Here are the top five ways!

  1. Your apartment community pool. Most communities have pools, and some far surpass the luxuriousness of resorts. This is the number one place where you and your family should be this summer. Not only can you cool off, but the pool is a social gathering place for family and friends. Some communities also provide grills along with covered seating areas near the pool, so take advantage of this free way to spend time with the ones you love.
  2. Your air-conditioned apartment. In some cities, such as Phoenix, it is too hot to step foot outside during the day. Fortunately, you have a place to live that is always cool. And, if the A/C should happen to break, one quick call to the community office will get the cool air flowing again.
  3. Lake or springs near your community. Find out what cool bodies of water are just a short drive, Uber or bike ride away. Lakes, springs, and rivers are all options. For example, just a 45-minute drive from Orlando is the frigid water of Blue Springs State Park, where visitors can enjoy tubing down the cool, slow-moving springs.
  4. The public pool or water park in your city or town. Most towns have a public pool available all summer for a minimal cost. Find out where the closest one to your community is; you may be able to bike or walk there. Splash parks/water parks are also likely nearby and may even be available at your apartment community. Your children – and you – will love this opportunity to cool off.
  5. Sprinklers. Yes, that’s right. Old-fashioned sprinklers are another great way for kids to cool off. If your community doesn’t have a pool, children can run through the sprinklers and have the time of their lives. If all else fails, there is always the hose by the community’s car washing station. It may sound strange, but hot times call for cool creativity!

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