The Ultimate Budget Blog Roundup

piggy bank for apartment budgetingWith Tax Day fast approaching, we know that you’ve got budgeting on the brain.  Tuesday, April 15th is the 2014 IRS tax filing deadline, and as D-Day draws near, you’re figuring out how much of your hard-earned money will be gone come filing day.  You might even be reevaluating the ways you spend your money during the rest of the year.

Conveniently for you, dear renter, we’ve been squirreling away our apartment budgeting tips in anticipation of this very occasion.  For your perusal, here are our best Apartment Living blog posts to help you budget your money more wisely.  Heed them and, who knows?  Next year you might have a little more moolah left over after April comes and goes.

How to Budget for Apartment Living

You might have heard that living in an apartment can be a great way to save money.  But why?  This guide covers the perks of choosing apartment living in order to save money, an overview of how to make an apartment budget, and ways to find an apartment for less in the area of your choice.

How to Lower Your Bills and Save on Apartment Living

We could all be a little more conscious of the way we spend our money on utilities.  Water, heating, phone, TV, gas, and electricity bills are just a few of the necessities taking a chunk of change out of apartment renters’ pockets each month.  Read this post for some helpful tips for saving money on each kind of utility bill.

Apartment Living: Organize and Budget

Two of the most important keys to finding an apartment and keeping your financial sanity are knowing how to organize and budget.  Read this guide to understand how to budget your money and find an apartment efficiently.

Apartment Transportation Costs: Mobile Apps Might Save You Money

Want to save money getting to and from your apartment?  There’s an app for that.  An important part of managing apartment living expenses is keeping an eye on your budget for transportation.  These mobile apps will help you save money on parking, gas, and public transport.

Apartment Recycling Bins Can Cut Your Expenses

You might have heard that it’s not easy being green… but we think that, for renters, it can be!  Apartment recycling can save you cash and let you be kind to the environment at the same time.  In this post we look at how to reexamine your monthly garbage bill, how to maximize your recycling when you move, and how to deal with an apartment that doesn’t recycle.