What to Do When Downsizing Apartments

apartmentsMaybe you are embarking on a short-term move, or downsizing in favor of lower rent, or trading a small apartment for a big backyard.  Whatever your reason for downsizing your living space, know that small apartments still have big potential for happy apartment living.  Moving to a smaller apartment doesn’t have to be a downer!  In fact, downsizing is actually a great opportunity to rethink the way you live.  Here are the ApartmentSearch.com best tips for downsizing your apartment.

Evaluate Your Apartment’s Belongings

It’s time to take a serious look at all of your apartment’s possessions.  Downsizing means having to be realistic about what you can keep for your smaller apartment.  For example, extra seating in small bedroom isn’t really necessary.  Ask yourself: Do you need it, or do you want it?

Utilize Self-Storage

Once you’ve pared down your possessions, it’s time to evaluate what’s left.  Because smaller apartments have less space overall, and likewise, less storage space, you may need to find other storage solutions.  One option is to find self-storage for the belongings you won’t be able to fit into your new apartment’s space but that you still need to keep.  Maybe you’re hanging on to a family heirloom, or maybe your downsize is only temporary and you’d like to keep your furniture for future use.  Self-storage can be a way to keep your things without cluttering up your home.

Organize Your Space

Downsizing apartments can also be a great chance to re-organize.  You may even find yourself living more tidily than you did before!  Keeping small apartments clean can instantly make them feel more spacious, so take advantage of every shelf and every drawer, and install your own shelving if you can.  The more that’s off the floor, the better!

Define Downsized Décor

There are some simple, effective rules you can apply to decorating small apartments.  For example, though it may seem counterintuitive, it’s okay to put a large couch in a small living room—it actually helps the room look bigger!  And when it comes to color schemes, keep it simple.  Too many colors will make the apartment’s space seem too busy, and therefore smaller.  Stick with three colors per room, and keep to the same color palette as much as possible.

More Apartment Tips

Want to know more about how to downsize apartments?  ApartmentSearch.com has all kinds of ways to make your search for a new apartment easier.  Check out our other tips for living in a small apartment on our blog, and be sure to take advantage of our moving checklist!