Why Generation X Loves Apartments

ApartmentSearch_Manhattan-ApartmentThe children of Baby Boomers are very practical, self-reliant, and independent. That is why this group – Generation X (those born between 1965 and 1980) – are choosing to live in apartment communities all over the U.S.

The independence and practicality of this group of 51 million Americans are fueled by the fact that many of them grew up as “latchkey kids”, or the parents of divorce. This has caused Gen Xers to learn to rely on themselves and make decisions for their lives – and those of their children – based on their own experience, not what someone tells them is best.

Generation X also witnessed their parents – and themselves – lose their homes in the housing crash and pay overinflated mortgages for years. As a result, these strong, independent thinkers have recognized that it makes the most financial sense to rent apartments. They have all the benefits of living in a comfortable home – either solo or with friends and families – while not having the burdensome mortgages and high expenses of taking care of a home. The personality of this generation is so practical, that they have figured out how much money they are saving every month by living in an apartment versus a home. In many cases, they would be paying two to four times more to live in a home!

Because of how they grew up, Generation Xers enjoy spending time with their friends – who are like family to many of these individuals. When they live in an apartment, they have the freedom of time and location to spend time with their friends. Plus, many invite their friends to dinners at their apartment or to the many fun activities that their community offers, such as pool parties and trivia nights. Generation Xers are very social and outgoing, so the apartment life lends itself perfectly to their desires.

Because Gen Xers are so independent and don’t want to be told what to do, the plethora of choices in apartment living gives them the freedom they are looking for. They can choose an apartment near a park, mountains or the ocean, if they are into the outdoors. They can choose an urban apartment, if they want to be in the center of all the social activity and nightlife, and walk to the nearest grocery store. There are just so many choices available to them.

Once they choose an apartment community, they can also select from a myriad of activities that they prefer to take part in. Apartment amenities – including pools, gyms, classes, and fun after-work events – afford them the opportunity to create the type of lifestyle they want for themselves – for free. Plus, traveling Gen Xers can take off on a trip whenever they want, and not worry about who is going to watch their house.

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