8 Free Resources for National Severe Weather Preparedness Week

flooding apartmentsDid you know it’s National Severe Weather Preparedness Week?  Being prepared for bad weather in apartments is essential to safe apartment living.  If you live in an area that is susceptible to natural disasters and severe weather, stay safe by being prepared for whatever nature might throw your way.  Today we bring your our top resources for severe weather preparedness in apartments, including a roundup of free resources from organizations like the Red Cross, FEMA, and the CDC.

American Red Cross – Plan & Prepare Guides

These guides from the American Red Cross help households, schools, and workplaces prepare for emergencies.  The Tools and Resources page contains extensive checklists and guides in many different languages. Apartment-dwellers will find the Prepare Your Home and Family page especially helpful.

ApartmentSearch.com – Apartment Tornado Safety

Tornados warnings have an average lead-time of only 13 minutes, according to NOAA.  Because of this, it is important for renters to be prepared for a tornado.  Use these tips from ApartmentSearch.com so you’ll know what to do if a tornado ever touches down near your apartment.

ApartmentSearch.com – Tips for Apartment Emergency Preparedness

As part of our apartment resources for renters, this list of tips for dealing emergencies in apartments includes hurricane, tornado, fire, and flooding safety, plus some important basic apartment safety tips.  Check this while you prepare your apartment’s interior and its occupants for severe weather and natural disasters.

ApartmentSearch.com – Tips for Flooded Apartments

Flooding can happen as a result of lots of severe weather conditions.  Hurricanes, tsunamis, flash floods, and heavy rainstorms can all cause flooding. Even plain old freezing weather can cause pipes to burst and lead to a flooded apartment.  If the latter happens, use this guide to deal with apartment flooding.

CDC – Natural Disasters and Severe Weather Emergency Preparedness and Response

This resource from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) contains recommendations for what to do before, during, and after a natural disaster or severe weather occurrence.  Everything is here: earthquakes, extreme heat, flooding, hurricanes, landslides, lightning, mudslides, tornados, tsunamis, volcanoes, wildfires, and severe winter weather.

FEMA – Ready.gov

Here the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides a comprehensive guide to dealing with all kinds of disasters.  On this site you can get the information you need to deal with all stages of an emergency, construct a plan for emergencies, build an emergency preparedness kit, and more.

NOAA – Weather.gov

This page of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) site has the latest forecast information across the U.S.  If you are anticipating severe weather, check here for regional and city-specific updates.

The Weather Channel – Disaster Supply Kit Checklists

Check out this page for a comprehensive roundup of different components of emergency supply kits.  From food to first aid kits, tools to toilet paper, you’ll find a list for every contingency.


How have you prepared your apartment for severe weather?  Share your tips with ApartmentSearch.com via on Twitter and Facebook!