They Broke Into My Apartment!

broke-into-apartmentHas Your Apartment Been Broken Into?

Someone broke into your apartment. Now what?

An apartment break-in is something that we hope never happens to you, but if it ever does, here’s what to do about it…!

Simple Steps to Recovering from a Break-In

  1. If you suspect that the burglar might still be in your apartment after a break-in, call 911 immediately. Don’t go room to room looking for the thief, no matter how prepared you think you may be.
  2. If it’s clear that the thief is gone, call your local police’s non-emergency number and report the break-in. Don’t clean or tidy until the police arrive. If you have pets, make sure they are safe.
  3. If you notice anything in your apartment that might help the police, make sure to tell them about it when they arrive. Helpful break-in information would be possible entry and exit methods, anything the thieves might have left fingerprints on and anything they might have left behind.
  4. Stay calm. Panicking will only make your break-in recovery harder and more exhausting. Think of it like any other apartment disaster, like a fire or a flood.
  5. Immediately contact your neighbors to find out if they observed anything untoward when the thieves broke in to the apartment. If they did, make sure the officer handling your case knows about it.
  6. Report the break-in to your apartment manager and discuss a strategy about better apartment security. Talk to your neighbors about improving apartment security and break-in awareness.
  7. If you want to make a claim, call your renters insurance agent about the break-in. They will probably ask you for detailed information about what was taken.
  8. “Break-in proof” your apartment so that the thieves can’t come back. Hide your valuables and make it hard for anyone but you to gain access to your apartment.

Of course, we recommend that you do everything you can to rent a safe apartment as well. Be safe and be well!

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