Easy Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Apartment

Burglar dressed in all black sneaking through apartment doorIf a burglar thinks your apartment is “easy pickings,” it could become a target…even if the fanciest thing you own is a VCR with a copy of Dirty Dancing stuck in it. Why not make things difficult for that burglar? You’d be surprised by how much you can do to protect your apartment without spending big money on armed guards and snarling dogs.

Lock it up

Some of the best burglar deterrents are already in your apartment. What are they? The locks on your doors and windows. Thirty percent of burglaries occur because doors, windows or other entryways are not locked. One city in Ohio promoted a campaign called “Twist the Wrist” to encourage residents to ensure locks were used. “[A] simple twist of the wrist to lock a door or window will prevent a burglar from making an easy entry,” said campaign literature. “Even the best and biggest lock on the strongest door is worthless if it is not used.”


It’s practically impossible to avoid snapping a picture of your ocean view and slapping a killer filter on it. That’s what #SummerVacay is all about, right? If you enjoy keeping your family and friends updated on your vacation whereabouts via Facebook, you might be inviting trouble to your apartment — literally.

Burglars love social media because people tend to post real-time details about vacations or work trips that let the bad guys know there’s no one home. A police department in Virginia provided the following suggestions: “Consider taking a vacation from social media when on vacation. Avoid announcements (even if it’s tempting) that you’re going to be in another country for the next few weeks. Share vacation photos after the vacation.”

Do a little shopping

Online shopping is magical. Where else can you buy detergent, home decor, clothes, and a carburetor all in the same place, and with 2-day free shipping? The highly rated Master Lock Dual Function Security Bar from Amazon can help prevent unwanted entry for just $19.98. Amazon also offers a range of outlet timers such as this pair from Woods for $8.82 that can be used to turn lights off and on when no one is home, giving your apartment the illusion of occupancy. Walmart has GE’s Window/Door Alarm available for $16.99.*

An article in the Chicago Tribune noted, “In apartments versus single-family houses, these devices can be more effective because the residences aren’t so spread out.” One police officer said of wireless alarms in general, “They make a loud noise. Someone’s not going to stick around if one goes off.”

Security doesn’t have to be pricey

Everyone deserves to feel safe and secure in their apartment. Unfortunately, there are criminals out there (right now) looking for their next easy target. Take your home off their consideration list by putting into place these simple and cost-effective strategies. ApartmentSearch.com’s Apartment Safety Resource Center offers an apartment safety checklist you can print, as well as info about emergency preparedness and special summer travel safety tips.

*ApartmentSearch does not endorse or profit from the mention of these specific products. They are intended for illustrative purposes only.