4 Safety Tips When Searching for a New Roommate

Moving can be an exciting process! This is especially true if you’re looking forward to meeting new people and making new connections. To ensure a purely positive experience, we suggest erring on the side of safety when choosing a potential cohabitor. Before you split your bills with just anyone, do your due diligence when learning how to find a roommate safely by leveraging these four safety tips.

1. Stay Off the Internet (If You Can)

Are you asking yourself the question, “where can I find a roommate?” If so, your search may be shorter than you think. The safest way to find a new roommate is through a mutual friend or trusted connection. It’s reassuring to know that your roomie is vetted by a reliable source!

If real-world pairings don’t pan out, proceed online — with caution. Craigslist roommate finder is a commonly used tool for meeting your match. However, this method depends solely on surface-level interaction and intuition. Furthermore, scammers love to surf the waters of the World Wide Web, so make sure to never share bank information, passwords, or personal data to an alias on the internet.

2. Implement an Interview Process

If an internet search is your only option, implementing a roommate interview process will help to ease your mind. Before meeting up with a potential cohabitator, take the time to compile a list of thoughtful questions.

These can and should cover a wide range of topics, from practical questions to personal inquiries. The goal is to get a better sense of who your future roomie is as a person, as well as how they interact with other people and exist within their space.

P.S: Don’t forget your manners! To start on an even playing field, invite your interviewee to pose their own questions as well.

3. Hire a Professional

Using a professional service can be another way to ensure roommate safety. Conduct a quick online search, and you’ll find several roommate finder websites and agencies that take the guesswork out of this daunting task.

Some of these services even require background checks and provide matchmakers to facilitate first meetings. The caveat is that the more professional the service, the higher the price tag — a small price to pay for feeling safe in your home!

4. Make Nice Before You Move In

In addition to wondering how to find a good roommate, make sure you’re setting a good example as well! Meeting up before moving in accomplishes two things. One, it will help you and your roomie establish a friendly and respectful relationship before inevitable issues arise. Two, it will give you a last-minute opportunity to feel at peace with your move towards the future! We highly suggest this cautionary step.

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