How to Choose a Safe Apartment


Safe Apartments: How and Where

When you’re going through your checklist while you find an apartment, safety might be at the top of your list. It’s tough to gauge just how safe an apartment is without having lived there. And if you want to find an apartment when you’re moving from a completely different city, it’s even more difficult to know which apartment complexes and neighborhoods are safe. Luckily, we’ve compiled some useful tips that might help you find an apartment that is safe and secure.

Pass Up the First Floor

Yep, you’ll definitely be getting your exercise with a second-floor, third-floor or higher-up unit. But keep in mind that thieves have a much easier time breaking into first-floor apartments, meaning those that aren’t on the first floor are typically more secure. If your budget allows for it, consider trying to find an apartment that is a high-rise apartment.

Safe Inside and Out

It’s a common occurrence: You’re out to find an apartment, you drive by an apartment complex that has a big fence with a gate that requires an entry code, and you assume that the place is very safe and secure. Stick around a little longer, though, you might notice that anyone can get in if they just follow behind a car that puts in the entry code.

Another consideration is lighting. When it’s dark outside, how well-lit are the parking lot, mailboxes, laundry room, walk-ups and stairways?

As for the actual apartment, you’ll want to take a look at the front door: Is it thick and sturdy and does it have a peephole? What kind of locks are on it? Is it possible to open the windows from the outside?

Ask Around

One of the best ways to find an apartment that is safe is to talk to people who live there. Current residents usually aren’t shy about telling prospective renters exactly what they think of the place they call home. You can also talk to the management — ask if they’d be willing to check on your apartment or get your mail should you be gone for an extended period of time. You’ll also want to make sure they change the locks when a tenant moves out. Inquire about what the policy is regarding apartment office employees having access to your apartment, too. Last but not least, talk to the local police. They should be happy to talk to you about crime rate statistics for the neighborhood and specific apartment complex you’re looking at.

Even though there’s always a possibility during your apartment renting experience that something could happen regarding your safety, we hope our tips will help you find an apartment that is safe. And if you’d like a hand in your quest for an apartment for rent, try using our easy apartment search! Not only is it free, but you earn up to $200 in renters rewards when you rent using

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