Top Walkable Cities and Your Apartment Search

apartment searchIs living in a walkable neighborhood a requirement for you in your apartment search? Walkability is a measure of how friendly a neighborhood is for pedestrian activity. Walkable neighborhoods have an array of benefits for the health of residents and the environment and economy of the area. These neighborhoods are home to a variety of businesses and services that cater to nearby residents and have features that make them comfortable for pedestrians, from safe sidewalks and eased traffic to pleasant storefronts and streetscapes.

If you’re hoping your apartment search leads you to a walkable city, you may want to check out New York, San Francisco, and Boston. These three beautiful cities are ranked by Walk Score as the most walkable in the country. Read on to learn about them or to find a walkable neighborhood in a city near you.

 New York

If your apartment search is taking place in New York City, congratulations! NYC is the most walkable city in the United States. Neighborhoods here are home to many unique shops and restaurants. There are so many, in fact, that Walk Score has estimated New York residents can walk to 13 restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in just 5 minutes! Additionally, NYC has great public transit options for those times when you just don’t feel like walking.

San Francisco

San Francisco is the second best city for an apartment search if you’re looking for a walkable neighborhood. The city is known not just for its beauty, but also its eclectic vibes and abundance of job opportunities. In addition to walking, San Francisco residents also get around on an excellent transit system or by bike.


Boston is actually known as “The Walking City,” so it is no surprise that an apartment search here turns up many walkable neighborhoods. This old city was designed during a time when walking was a major mode of transportation and has maintained its pedestrian-friendliness to this day. In addition to being friendly to walkers, the city also boasts a good public transit system, including one of the oldest subway systems in the world.

If New York, San Francisco, or Boston just aren’t your speed, no worries! can help you find an apartment in a city and neighborhood that’s just right for you. Just enter your search criteria and browse you favorite apartments.  At the bottom of each apartment listing, under the “Neighborhood Info” tab, you’ll find the neighborhood Walk Score plus a map of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, stores, parks, schools, and other services. You can even search for particular businesses or entertainment with the “Search Nearby” feature. See which neighborhoods are most walkable and scope out your new favorite coffee shop or dog park long before you pack up your moving truck with