Chicago Apartments: Windy City Livin’

Chicago ApartmentsFrank Sinatra may have said it best: “Bet your bottom dollar, you’ll lose the blues in Chicago.” It’s the third-largest city in America, also known as the Windy City, Chi-town and the Second City. No matter what you call it, though, Chicago is a fantastic place. And those moving there will have plenty of housing options: Chicago apartments and rentals include multi-unit homes, townhomes, lofts and condominiums all over the city.

One thing to keep in mind about Chicago apartments is that because the cost of living is significantly above the national average in the city, apartment prices may be surprising at first. Still, those on a budget have options and may be able to find very affordable apartments in one of the many suburbs of Chicago.

Chicago Apartments: Where to Look

Being the third-largest city, Chicago may feel a bit overwhelming at first — it covers 230 square miles! So where do you start looking for apartments? Thanks to excellent public transportation, getting around Chicago can be pretty easy, especially the four main sections: the North Side, South Side, West Side and Downtown. Downtown Chicago apartments put you right in the heart of the city, close to cultural, financial and commercial institutions as well as Grant Park and towering skyscrapers. The most densely populated residential section of the city, the North Side has many high-rise apartments. The South Side is where you’ll find the Museum of Science and Industry as well as the University of Chicago and two of the city’s biggest parks, Washington Park and Jackson Park. The West Side is home to Harpo Studios, owned by Oprah Winfrey, and the Garfield Park Conservatory.

There are many more Chicago neighborhoods you want to be sure to explore when you’re searching for apartments. Lincoln Park, Old Town, China Town and Little Italy are all worth checking out.

Chicago Weather

Chicago is known for being pretty chilly in the winter — lows can  be around 20 degrees Fahrenheit — but summers are nice with highs around 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of winds blowing off Lake Michigan, though, weather can change rapidly, and gusts of cold wind are common.

Moving to Chicago

Moving to Chicago is no doubt exciting. Remember, to find Chicago apartments,  you can use our free apartment search tools. Once you’ve found a place to live, you can use our Moving Checklist to help organize your relocation.