Downtown Apartments: Living in Style

downtown apartmentsDowntown Is A Safe Apartment Bet

Though downtown apartments cost more, being just steps away from nightlife, restaurants, museums and work makes that extra cost totally worth it for many renters. Plus, there’s the “cool factor” — a lot of downtown apartment buildings are high rises, which means you may have a bird’s eye view of the city.

Still, if you’ve always been a suburban apartment dweller, moving to the heart of the city might be new territory for you. What’s involved?

Downtown Means Commuting Relief

Usually a downtown apartment brings some rush hour relief. Almost all cities have good public transportation from the city center. Your new downtown apartment might mean liberation from the wheel. Let someone else do the driving! And if your city has a subway or train system, even better – that means rush hour might be a thing of the past for you. Many trains, subways, and even commuter buses come with wifi these days, too, making your commute almost as comfortable as a latte at your favorite coffee shop. Your new apartment might even allow you to go urban and sell your car, saving you hundreds of dollars on maintenance, gas, insurance and payments. How’s that for a downtown apartment benefit?

If your workplace is off the beaten path, don’t give up hope. Many employers will consider vanpools and shuttles for commuters. A city-run carpool or vanpool can also pick up the slack. Look into carshare services too – some cities have one-way shared cars that you can pick up and drop off anywhere within certain zones. And of course, there’s always biking and walking if you like your workday with a little exercise.

On the same topic, downtown apartments might mean some parking hassles if your unit doesn’t come with a parking space. Since everything’s close when you’re downtown, try to accustom yourself to walking for groceries and late-night snacks. You can always drive to a grocery store with a parking lot if you’re feeling low on energy. And if your downtown apartment does come with a parking spot, rejoice – you’ve got rock star parking for downtown events like Halloween, July 4th and New Year’s Eve!

Downtown Means Social and Cultural Excitement

A downtown apartment brings you more than a pretty view. Now that you’re dead center, chances are you can walk to all the popular museums, plays, comedy clubs and nightspots. Is your group getting tired and ear-sore after a night on the town? Just invite them up to your downtown apartment for a quiet moment to admire the sights!

Questions to Ask Before You Rent a Downtown Apartment

  • In an average week, where are you usually going? If you work way north, have few commute options and only do downtown activities once or twice a week, your new downtown apartment might be more trouble than it’s worth.
  • Do you have a lot of furniture or other bulky items? Downtown apartments are generally low on storage space.
  • If you’re a pet owner, make sure Fido or Tiddles can be happy in your new downtown apartment. Some apartment complexes have pet amenities like dog parks and groomers.
  • Don’t overextend yourself. Just because you can afford a downtown apartment doesn’t mean it’s fiscally sound. Your apartment rent shouldn’t prevent you from saving.
  • If you have any noisy or open-air hobbies like a rock band or motorcycle repair, make sure you can fit them into your new downtown lifestyle.
  • Are you a light sleeper? Try to get a high-level apartment to be isolated from street noise.

Find a Downtown Apartment

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