Where Great Taste Is Just Outside Your Apartment

Plate of Creole Food from New OrleansFall is such a wonderful, social time of year. As the pleasant fall temperatures surround us and we head out to fall festivals and pre-Halloween activities, we also gather with our friends and families at restaurants across the country. Apartment living means the ability to choose where you live close to the things you love to do – even you favorite places to eat.

But which cities sport some of the best food cultures? These are places that have developed their own distinct food style and scene, based on many generations and cultures that live in the area. Here is our list of Cities with the Best Food Cultures:

  1. New Orleans, La.: New Orleans’ Creole cuisine, a mix of French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, African and Native American cuisines, stems back hundreds of years with the early European settlers. From 1815 to 1925, Louisiana was a popular destination for Italian settlers, as well as those from Spain and other European countries. They brought their love for tomatoes and spicy peppers, and introduced the Creole (also called Cajun) cuisine to the region. Today, New Orleans is known for some of the best restaurants in the U.S., including Commander’s Palace and Brennan’s, and numerous James Beard Award-winning chefs.
  2. New York, N.Y.: With such a diverse melting pot of cultures from all over the world, it is no wonder that New York City sports one of the best food cultures in the U.S. If you want outstanding Chinese or Korean food, you can simply take a short trip from your Manhattan apartment to Chinatown and Koreatown. If you want amazing Italian food, it is practically right on your doorstep at several restaurants in the Bronx. Those seeking authentic Jewish, Jamaican and Irish food have a multitude of spots to pick from in Brooklyn. Not only does New York City cuisine represent every culture of the world, it also sports some of the top rated restaurants and chefs in the nation, such as Eric Ripert, chef/ owner of Le Bernardin.
  3. San Francisco, Calif.: San Francisco’s rich food history stems not only from its Mexican and Native American settler roots, but also from its location near the ocean. Starting in 1775, Spanish settlers from Mexico brought their flavors, which were later intertwined with foods from other cultures, such as the Chinese. With the abundance of Dungeness crab in the area, San Francisco also became known for its seafood. In addition, this impressive city is known for many of the foods and beverages we enjoy in the U.S. today, including: cioppino, Irish coffee, Pisco Punch (the first distilled spirit made in the New World), Crab Louis and fortune cookies. These and other great tastes can be found at iconic San Francisco restaurants like Rich Table, Coi, and French Laundry.
  4. Chicago, Ill.: Some argue that Chicago has the tastiest food culture and history in the country, since it is the home of deep-dish pizza and the Chicago hot dog. Plus, apartment dwellers in Chicago can experience cuisine from many different countries in some of the city’s ethnic districts, including Greektown, Little Italy, Chinatown and South Asian. In recent years, the city has become home to some of the most notable fine dining restaurants in the U.S., including The Girl & The Goat and Alinea.
  5. Austin, Texas: Austin’s current distinction as one of the most unique food cities in the U.S. stems several generations back and features influences from a few different countries. Because of its proximity to Mexico, Austin – and the rest of Texas – developed a new cuisine, called “Tex-Mex”, which combines traditional Mexican flavors with American customs. Of course, it is also the home of great barbecue, featuring notable restaurants such as Franklin Barbecue and Mann’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Q. Texas is also known for its “Cowboy food”, which makes meat the centerpiece of every dish, and German food, thanks to the large number of Germans that settled in the area in the 1800s.

If you live in one of these fabulous cities, make sure to get out and enjoy the fabulous food culture there this fall. If don’t live in one of these areas and are seeking more great foodie adventures, visit www.ApartmentSearch.com. We will help you find the perfect apartment near all the activities you enjoy, including the restaurants where you love to eat. Plus, when you tell your new apartment community that you found them on ApartmentSearch.com, you can earn up to $200 in rewards. Saving money on your apartment means that you can enjoy more food adventures in your city!