Phoenix Apartments: Finding A New Place In A Large City

Phoenix apartmentsPhoenix apartments are high in demand due to job growth paired with a good quality of life at a reasonable price. There are many housing options for every lifestyle and every age cohort in Phoenix, Arizona. We know that it can be very overwhelming to find an apartment in such a large city. Here are some tips that will help you as you embark on your tour of the apartments in Phoenix. Since it is a large city that is primarily dominated by car use, these tips can help you design your decision based on daily commutes and community safety.

1. Visit the property at night – Your desired apartment area may seem quaint and peaceful during the day, but the surroundings at night could potentially be a deal breaker. Make sure the parking area and streets are well lit. Listen for any noise from a restaurant or club, and check to see if parking is ample. If you are looking at Phoenix apartments around Arizona State University, this procedure is especially important. You do not want to end up an earshot away from a fraternity or party house if you can help it.

2. Consult the local transit authority – Narrowing your search to Phoenix apartments near public transit lines can save you on those days when your car is in the shop or when you need additional options due to scheduling conflicts. Familiarize yourself with potential routes to work or school. You can use Google Maps to find options and routes for different addressees, or take in the routes from a bird’s eye view.

3. Familiarize yourself with peak traffic areas and times around Phoenix apartments – Car congestion peaks from 3-7 in the evenings in Phoenix. Going southbound on the 101 from Scottsdale to Tempe and eastbound on the 60 in Tempe can often be slow-going routes. View traffic flows to and from your desired community using Phoenix traffic cameras.

4. Make a mock errand run – Think about the top places that you need to regularly travel to from your apartment. This list will include the work or school, the grocery store and the bank. Research local options and visit some of these Phoenix apartments via your preferred transportation system. You may want to even try to complete errands around peak traffic times to get a feel for the congestion issues around Phoenix apartments in your desired area.

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