San Diego Apartments Impacted by Housing Crisis

san diego apartmentsSan Diego apartments have ordinarily been hard to rent, but declining housing sales are starting to make a dent in the apartment drought.

Now Easier to Find San Diego Apartments

The slumping housing market is expected to boost San Diego rentals and the rental market, which is traditionally pretty tight, with a vacancy rate of under 5 percent. The housing market has actually fallen 30 percent since late 2005. And since 2006, more than 71 new housing projects have been taken off the market. In these San Diego apartments, new homes and condo conversions, there is a total of more than 4,930 units.

San Diego Apartment Rentals: An Increasing Supply

Analysts expect that these San Diego apartments, condos and homes will eventually be put up for rent, adding to the supply of apartments for rent in San Diego. However, with the drop in homeownership because of foreclosures and mortgage rejections, it means there are more people interested in finding California apartments. No doubt, this situation will be keeping apartment managers and landlords very busy.

Finding San Diego Apartments

Declining housing sales may mean that there will be more San Diego apartments, condos and houses for renters to choose from. More supply and more options in San Diego will be beneficial for those looking for apartments to rent.

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