Skipping the Tourist Attractions: 5 of Chicago Locals’ Favorite Places

ApartmentSearch_ChicagoIf you just moved to Chicago, then you probably have seen or heard of the quintessential tourist places to visit (like Wrigley Field or Millennium Park). Once you’re settled into your new Chicago apartment, it’s time to venture out and find your own beloved local treasures. You probably won’t find any tourists here, but these 5 spots will be your favorite local hangouts.

My Pie

Obviously, no Chicago list is complete without a deep-dish pizza restaurant and there are plenty to choose from. My Pie, our go-to, local pizza establishment, ranks on a lot of Chicagoans favorite pizza places. And what’s not to love? The homemade sauces and fresh ingredients are lip-smacking good. Don’t worry if you don’t like deep-dish pizza, My Pie has delicious thin crust options too!

The Violet Hour

Chicago has become a hotspot for bars specializing in mixology, and The Violet Hour is leading the way. Hidden in the heart of Wicker Park, this speakeasy serves up amazing handcrafted cocktails you’ve probably never heard of. Don’t bother asking for a Miller Lite or something with Grey Goose, because the mixologists (or artists, depends who you ask) at The Violet Hour will craft you one of a kind beverages.

Gene and Jude’s Red Hots

Back in 1946, Gene Mormino added salty, crispy French fries to the traditional Chicago-style hot dog and changed hot dog history. Almost 70 years later, many Chicagoans (and plenty of non-Chicagoans) claim Gene and Jude’s as best hot dog in America because of the fresh cut fries and snappy dogs. If you just moved to Chicago, this hot dog stand should be at the top of your list. Ketchup lovers will have to sacrifice the ketchup though; Gene and Jude’s won’t serve it.

Green Mill Cocktail Lounge

Hosting live music 7 nights a week, this jazz nightclub epitomizes the historic value of Chicago nightlife. Once a meet up spot for Al Capone and his mobsters, the Green Mill Cocktail Lounge is also the birthplace of poetry slam. From contemporary to traditional, bebop to improvisation, Green Mill entertains every variety of jazz with a perfect mix of Midwestern friendliness and class.

Garfield Park

While Lincoln and Millennium Park are tourism must-see places, we prefer the tranquil scenery of Garfield Park. Home to one of the largest conservatories in the United States, Garfield Park sustains greenery even during the harsh winters in Chicago. Visitors can stroll through the landscapes under glass, picnic on the grounds, or make use of the range of athletic courts.

There are hundreds of other awesome local spots around Chicago. So if you’re a Chicagoan, share your own favorite hotspots with us on Twitter and Facebook!