Boo! Visit America’s 5 Most Haunted Cities

View of dark, eerie city street at HalloweenWho says summer is the only time for travel adventures? For a Halloween you’ll never forget, plan a ghostly getaway to one of America’s most haunted cities! These places can send shivers down your spine with their terrifying happenings and histories. You may never want to return… or will you?

1. Washington, D.C.

Our nation’s capital houses much more than just government buildings. In fact, it seems there could be more ghosts than humans! With hundreds of years of history within Washington D.C. apartments, homes, and buildings, there are few places that don’t have a terrifying tale about them. The Capitol, the White House, and surrounding government complexes have reported sightings of past Presidents and First Ladies long after their deaths, and it’s said that some areas of town are still haunted by former occupants or workers who were there centuries ago. Abe Lincoln himself could come back for a visit at any time, so go to Washington, D.C. at your own risk!

2. New Orleans, Louisiana

With a rich history like New Orleans has, is it any surprise that it also has ghost stories galore? Many hotels, houses, and apartments in New Orleans have dealt with some “permanent guests” whose spirits couldn’t leave, and some of the shops and bars still experience some spooky stuff these days! Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop is said to be one of the most haunted locations in New Orleans, but the city also has no shortage of creepy mansions, eerie museums, and spooky cemeteries.

3. Portland, Oregon

Portland may be a hip city brimming with creativity, but it also has a dark history. In one hotel, staff members refuse to walk the third floor past midnight, and just a few streets away, the spirit of a murdered woman taunts many who enter the city’s Candy Cane Park. In one of the apartments in Portland that originally served as a home to the lighthouse keeper, a spirit reportedly opens and closes doors and windows when guests least expect it. Portland is coastal and creative, sure, but it’s also CREEPY cool!

4. Chicago, Illinois

Few cities have a “token ghost story,” but Chicago does! “Resurrection Mary” is a spirit who has been seen dozens of times when she asks for a ride, and then disappears into the Resurrection Cemetery once she exits the car. She’s become one of the best-known spirits in the city. One of the most haunted apartments in Chicago served as a longtime meeting place for ghost hunters and a professional medium, and the group held regular séances there in the 1980s. Many unexplained happenings have haunted those who visit, and spirits still regularly wander through the restaurant below. Like many cities, Chicago has haunted hotels, but it also has historical theaters, schools, and even churches that report unexplained footsteps, voices, and drafts blowing through indoor spaces. Maybe that’s why it’s really called the Windy City…

5. San Francisco, California

There’s a reason why Alcatraz is a well-known place—because it’s haunted! Besides the world-famous horror stories from the prison, this spook-tacular city also has a host of stories about murders inside San Francisco apartments and homes. Some have even received a ticket from a police officer near the Golden Gate Park, only to find out that the officer who pulled them over died decades ago. Nobody wants a traffic ticket, but you definitely don’t want one from an angry ghost!

So, where will your Halloween thrill-seeking take you this year? You may go to visit, but if one of these cities has you bewitched, you could become a “permanent guest”—of the human variety, of course. Ready to make your move? Find your next apartment on and get rewarded with $200.

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