College Students, Find an Apartment That’s Right for You

find an apartmentIf you’re a college student thinking of moving out of the dorms this year, it’s not too early to find an apartment. If you’ll be moving into your apartment when the semester is over you’ll want to find an apartment soon, but you can wait a bit longer if you plan on living at home for the summer.

Before you find an apartment, decide if you want to live alone or with roommates. Apartment living on your own  has its benefits (like always having the quiet you need to cram for that Psych 101 exam, or being able to walk around in your underwear without offending anyone) but it also can be much more expensive and at times lonely. Don’t forget about your furry roommates. If you have pets, find an apartment that allows them or you could face steep fees or even eviction. After that’s settled, set a budget that includes all of your monthly apartment expenses including rent, utilities, and insurance.

Next, find an apartment in a neighborhood that’s right for you. Living close to campus can be expensive but it saves you the time, hassle, and costs of commuting. You should also find an apartment in a neighborhood that has services you need like a bank, library, and grocery store. Unless you find an apartment with a laundry room, you’ll also want to live close to a laundromat.

Be sure to find an apartment in an area that jibes with your lifestyle. If you like to spend your nights quietly studying, living next door to frat row is probably a bad decision. Likewise, if you plan on partying it up every night, don’t move in next to an old couple that will call the police during the very first verse of “Young, Wild, & Free.” can make your quest to find an apartment easier. You can find an apartment by area, price, and amenities so you (and your roomies) end up someplace that really feels like home. Plus, you don’t even have to be a finance major to appreciate the $200 Renter Rewards you can get simply by finding your apartment through!