How to Find an Apartment: Accessible Apartments

Accessible Apartments Pose a Challenge

Accessible apartment

Accessible apartments are apartments with certain options that make them easier to navigate for people with disabilities.  It’s hard enough to find an apartment nowadays, but it’s even trickier for the physically disabled who want to find an apartment that is affordable and furnished with wide hallways and sinks that have clearance for wheelchairs. Other accessible apartment features include handrails for maneuvering around bathrooms and low countertops that allow wheelchair users access to kitchen facilities.

The Demand for Accessible Apartments

According to the most recent Americans with Disabilities Report, in 2002, 18 percent of the population had some form of disability. With the number of aging citizens constantly increasing, this percentage is sure to have grown over the past six years. Meanwhile, many forward-thinking apartment builders are including accessible apartments in their projects, but apartment managers at existing apartment complexes are often unable to say “yes, we’re accessible” to disabled renters.

Financial Assistance for Accessible Apartments

Finding accessible apartments can be a lot easier for the disabled apartment seeker and/or their families through the use of several housing services. Using the aid and assistance of organizations such as the Department of Housing and Urban Development and state housing finance agencies is definitely recommended for anyone having difficulty finding an accessible apartment. Also, the search for accessible apartments can be eased by Section 8 vouchers and housing vouchers specifically for people with disabilities. These agencies and programs are set up to provide aid for people with disabilities that might not enable them to work or earn enough to afford high-end accessible apartments.

Find an Apartment That Is Accessible with Us

If it’s daunting to find an apartment that’s disability-accessible on your own, then using the assistance of an apartment locator might be the best option to find an apartment. An apartment locator will do all the work in searching for accessible apartments in the desired area that meet the accessibility needs of the tenant. At, we not only have a very easy-to-use online apartment searching option to find an apartment, but we also have local offices in several metropolitan areas that can be of further assistance in your search for accessible apartments.

If you need assistance to find an apartment and you have specific accessibility and/or financial needs, contact our apartment search professionals today.