Find An Apartment With A Month-To-Month Lease

find an apartmentWhen trying to find an apartment, it can often be difficult to find an apartment that meets all your needs.  Many renters are looking for a nontraditional living situation.  For example, renters may need an  to find an apartment during the process of trying to find a house, or are at the end of a current lease and are having trouble finding a new place to live, or may only be living in a city for a few months thanks to a temporary job.  How do you cope with the in-between period of apartment living?  One option to explore is that of a month-to-month lease.

The possibility of obtaining a month-to-month lease often depends on the apartment complex.  Unfortunately, they are not readily available at many apartments.  Smaller apartments may be willing to negotiate, however, and it certainly never hurts to ask if they are willing to make concessions.  For example, you may find an apartment with a leasing office that can write one-year leases with a clause allowing tenants to end the lease prematurely and move if they are presented with the closing papers on the tenant’s new residence.  A month-to-month option may also be available to tack onto a current lease that is going to end soon.  With sufficient notice, the apartment can extend your lease as needed.  This can be helpful as you try to find an apartment to replace your current residence.

If you find an apartment that is willing to lease month-to-month, the downsides may include an additional fee tacked on to your monthly rent, or even a non-refundable deposit.  However, remember that this may be preferable to committing to a full-term lease while you find an apartment or house, then having to break it when you are ready to move out.

If you cannot find an apartment that allows a month-to-month lease, some apartments offer lease terms as short as 3 or 4months, but the cost will be substantially higher than a normal lease.  Additionally, you could see if you are able to find an apartment with a renter to sublet from for the amount of time you need.

Utilize tools like and our moving checklist to plan ahead and be efficient about your search to find an apartment to lease.